Calvinist Comments: A God of Love?

I will be posting some interactions between Calvinists and non-Calvinists from the comment sections of various Soteriology 101 posts.  It's interesting and informative to see the actual things that Calvinists themselves say about the Gospel and God, and to see how non-Calvinists respond.  (I made minor edits for clarity.  And for those who are not aware of my position on this: I am a strong anti-Calvinist.  I believe Calvinism distorts the Gospel horribly.  We recently left our home church of almost 20 years because of the newish, dogmatic Calvinist pastor who came on board.  And I have been researching it deeply and writing against it ever since he started preaching.)

This interaction is from "5 Reasons Why I Stayed Out of Calvinism":

A non-Calvinist, Graceadict, made this comment: "Calvinism creates a god that is NOT a god of love….”

And Calvinist Jtleosala responds: 
1. Then, your claim that God loves all humanity is a “decoy love,” after all not all humanity goes …

Getting Through the "Broken" Times (short version)

(This is the short version.  The long one is here.)

Practical Advice for Getting Through the Broken Times (in no particular order, reposted from a few years ago)

1.Be gracious toward yourself!
You make sense.You are not a hopeless mess.You are human.And humans hurt.Humans break sometimes.And we all need compassion and grace and understanding and love and forgiveness – for ourselves and for others.So do not feel abnormal, like there is something wrong with you.We are all broken in some way.(It’s just that some people don’t know it yet.)None of us really knows what we are doing in life.(Although some won’t admit it.)We are all just trying to make it through as best we can.So you are in good company – in the company of many other hurting, broken, clueless, weak, needy people.The very kind of people that God holds closest.
Psalm 34:18:  "The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit."

2.Simplify!And go slow!And learn to “be still.”
Psalm 46:10:“Be st…