Kiss The Girl

All I wanted for my 15th birthday was Disney's The Little Mermaid.  This has always been one of my favorite animated Disney movies.  

(And I've always wanted red hair and green eyes, too.  Like Ariel.)  

Here is a sweet a cappella version of Kiss the Girl.

My Response To A "Predestination" Post I Recently Read

I want to share my response to a post I read from our church.The person who wrote the post (I believe it was our pastor) quoted Acts 2:23: “This man [Jesus] was handed over to you by God’s set purpose and foreknowledge; and you, with the help of wicked men, put him to death by nailing him to a cross.”

The writer’s point is that God pre-planned Jesus’ death and chose to use wicked men to accomplish this.I can agree with this.However, the underlying point of his post is that God basically caused the men to be wicked (that He planned for them to do evil), to accomplish His purposes.And that God – even though He planned for these men to be wicked – cannot be accused of doing evil or wrong.
He also goes on to say that God planned for Adam and Eve to rebel, to fall.That it is for His glory that they fell.The implication is, once again, that God caused them to fall, for His purposes.  

Way To Go, Feminists! Another Loss For Women!

So a biological male won the Women's World Cycling Championship because he is now a she, competing as a trans-women against biological women.

Let's see ... someone is born a male, has the body and strength of a male, and competes against women who have the body and strength of women ... 

And just who do you think is going to win this one?


How is that fair to the real women who competed, who trained for years to get into top condition!?!  

Progressive feminists who stand up for the rights of trans-gender women (men who become women) are severely setting back real women.  They are destroying the chances of real women to win the women's competitions.  

Why should women keep competing in women's competitions if the odds are clearly and unfairly in favor of men in women's clothing?  

What about when a job is supposed to go to a woman but goes to a trans-woman instead?  Isn't that just giving the job to a man?  What's to stop men from using trans-genderism as an ex…

Well Said, Activist Mommy!

I can't say for sure what I think about Brett Kavanaugh or about how honest he was during the live interviews of him and his accuser.  But ... I can say that I totally agree with Activist Mommy's views on the feministic agendas and actions and motives.  Well said!  And so important right now!  We level-headed, normal women need to start taking a stand against the wretched, destructive tactics of the foaming-at-the-mouth feminists ... before they do more damage to our families, relationships, worldviews, laws, and country. 

What Women Everywhere Want To Say About The Brett Kavanaugh Fiasco!

Acts 13:48: Not As "Predestination" As It Sounds

Calvinists often point to Acts 13:48 as the ultimate predestination verse.  "... and all who were appointed (ordained) for eternal life believed".  They say, "See, God appointed them, predestined them, chose them to go to heaven.  And because He chose them, they were predestined to believe.  And those who weren't chosen can't believe."

But look it up online and you'll see that it's not that cut-and-dried.  It's not as "predestination" as it sounds.

First off, it's important to not take it out of context or separate it from the rest of Scripture.  If you do, then it could definitely sound like God predetermined that only certain people would obtain eternal life.  But we need to look at it in context and in relation to the rest of Scripture.

Who is The Champion?

Listening to this song right now ... The Champion.

So good.  And such a great reminder of Who wins in the end!

Some Problems With Predestination (And What I Think The Bible Really Says)

Those who believe in predestination – the we don’t have a real choice about salvation – say that we have to evangelize and pray because God told us to and because God knew that this is how the lost would be saved.This is a pretty flimsy reason for evangelizing, given that (according to predestination) no one really has a choice in where their souls end up anyway.

If evangelizing didn’t really make a difference, then doing it just because God told us to do it would just be “going through the motions,” acting out a part just for the sake of acting it out.We would just be “pretending” to evangelize because it wouldn’t really be needed or have an effect anyway.This really waters down the Christian message and the urgency to reach the lost.And I think it can cause believers and unbelievers alike to not take seriously God’s call to salvation and Jesus’ sacrifice for them.What does it really matter what you think about these things anyway if it doesn’t really matter what you think and if you …