Drag Queens Teaching Kids About Gender

You know, there's a lot of headlines lately about drag queens being brought into public schools and libraries to teach kids about gender.

I've just gotta say ... 

Kids have known all about gender for thousands and thousands of years.  

"There are boys and there are girls."  There!  It's that simple!

Kids know all about gender.

It's the adults that are screwing it up!

Maybe the kids should be teaching the adults about gender!

Two Amusing Articles On The Media

I have long been bothered by the totally-biased coverage of the media and Hollywood (particularly against Christians, but also against conservative values).  

In general, I think the media is a joke.  It lacks integrity and can't be trusted.  It reports what it wants people to believe and it over-emphasizes the conflicts it wants to report on, creating more conflict so that it then can report more of it.  

I think in so many areas, it starts and fuels the flames of the fires it then reports.  

Basically, they find a tiny, hot ember somewhere ... then they add fuel to the fire until it's raging out of control ... and then they report the fire like, "Oh my gosh, look!  It's a fire!"

Well ... duh!  It's because you wrote all the biased articles and drew the attention of millions of people to the things you wanted to highlight.  You swayed the opinion of everyone with your slanted writing.

I barely read the news anymore because I can't trust it.  Their over-reacti…

Should Christians Worry About Being Left Behind?

This won't be popular or make people happy but ...

Yes, I think Christians need to be concerned about the possibility of being left behind. 

This is my opinion.  I cannot say for sure that it's what's really going to happen.  But the more I read the Bible, the more I think it teaches that not all Christians will go up in the rapture.

Of course, unbelievers will be left behind.  Those who have rejected Jesus's offer of salvation and grace and mercy.  Those who have rejected the offer God makes to the faithful church, to be spared from the coming wrath.

But I think there are Christians (and "Christians") who will be left behind, too.  Specifically, those who are not ready for Him to come back because they are not living the way He wants us to live, those who aren't being faithful to Scripture but who knowingly compromise it or alter it so that it says what they want it to say, those who worship money over God (such as some from the "prosperity gospel"…