#14 Radical Obedience (shortened)

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I would have to say that of all the things a Christian is called to do, this has got to be one of the most important.(If any one of them can be considered more important than the others.)And I’m not saying this like God necessarily needs our obedience or else He’ll be at a helpless loss.But because obedience says the most about our relationship with God.Obedience tells us if we are able to hear Him, if we trust Him enough and are willing enough to do what He says, if we have humbled ourselves before Him, and if we love Him and have really made Him God of our lives.

Let’s take a moment to explore some of what the Bible says about obedience:

Watch Out For This Heretical Teaching About Sin!

I have been seeing a certain heretical teaching a lot lately.  And it's always from left-leaning, progressive-type "churches" or "ministers" ... you know, the kind that have drifted away from solid biblical-teaching, who have created a version of it they like better so that they can keep doing whatever they want.

And this is the heretical teaching I hear a lot:  "Sin is not believing in Jesus, in God."

According to many of these "progressive" churches, sin is nothing more than not believing in Jesus.  So as long as you believe in Jesus, there are no other restrictions and everything is good between you and God, no matter how you are living.  The only requirement is "believe in Jesus."  That's all you have to worry about.


Sin is not "not believing in Jesus."  

"Not believing in Jesus" is called "unbelief."  And while unbelief will cause you to die in your sinful state, apart from God, landing yo…

Political Corretness At Its Best

Read this article.  Go ahead ... I'll wait ...

Okay, can I just say ... "Wow, how utterly pathetic that this is what we've come to.  That people are so pathetically overly-sensitive that schools are making pathetic rules like this to protect all these pathetically-fragile, snowflake feelings."

Seriously, this is just sad.  Is this what "handing out awards to everyone so that no one feels left out" and "not using red pens to correct homework because the color red is distressing and makes kids feel bad" led us to?  Being overly concerned with protecting everyone's fragile feelings?  Reminding people over and over again just how fragile their feelings are, and how they shouldn't ever to have to hear or tolerate anything that might hurt their feelings or that they might disagree with?  

And now educators are being told to not use the words "do" and &quo…

#13 Prayer (shortened)

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As Christians, we know that the Bible talks a lot about the importance of prayer.But I have to ask, as I did about God’s Word, do we live like it’s really important?Do we live like it matters?

I am going to guess that if we don’t, it’s because we don’t really understand it.Because once you come to really understand prayer, you cannot help but cling to it with all you’ve got and accept it as a solemn responsibility.You cannot help but know that there is power in it and that the way you live has an effect on it.Prayer matters!

So NOW They Allow Freedom of Religious Expression!?!

So the Satanic Temple is displaying their "holiday decoration" alongside religious holiday decorations in the Illinois Capitol building.  And it's allowed under the freedom of speech and freedom of religious expression.

So NOW the government allows freedom of religious expression on public grounds during the holidays!?!?


What about all the times the word Jesus is banned from schools?  When prayer is banned from graduation ceremonies and football games?  

When kids are told they can't bring their Bibles to school, that they can't meet together on their own to pray together, and that they can't dare say that God created two genders, male and female?  

What about when schools ban Christmas songs that are too religio…

Let's See ... What Else Can We Destroy To Save Christmas?

Okay, so we've already attacked "Merry Christmas" because it's got "Christ" in the title.  We've made sure to take down any crosses in any public Christmas decorations because that would be "forcing religion" on people.  We've removed references to religious Christmas songs from school holiday programs.  We've banned the colors red and green because of how Christmasy they are and banned candy canes because candy canes were clearly created to turn people into Christians against their wills.  We've protected people from the "graphic or violent" image of Santa kneeling before baby Jesus.  And now we've decimated that wretched, racist rat, Charlie Brown.  

Hmm ... What else can we destroy in order to save Christmas?  

(Umm, I mean "the holidays."  But, hey, did you know that the word "holiday" actually comes from Old English words for "holy day."  And, of course, "holy" is actually al…