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No Masks Allowed!

I’ve talked before about the need to get real with God.But I think that we Christians also need to do better at being real with each other.Why can’t we Christians just admit that we are broken, hurting people too, that we are sinful and need help?

Why do we act like we can do it all on our own and like we can handle everything with grace and style and a smile on our faces?Why do we spend so much time and energy polishing up our outsides?  Is it to earn approval?To make God happy and proud of us?To impress others?To feel better about ourselves?To look better than others?

Honestly, all we are doing is hurting everyone.When we are not real, we miss out on a genuine relationship with God and others.We don’t get the help and the healing we need.We exhaust ourselves.We keep others and God an arm’s length away, and then we feel alone.

            And we make others feel like they are “less than”. . . because they struggle while we “have it all together.”  And this makes us “unsafe” - because pe…

If Calvinism is true, then God is a liar! (updated)

Calvinism includes the belief that God has ordained everything (as in He pre-plans and causes everything that happens, even sin and unbelief and, yes, even things like child abuse), that He predestined from the beginning of time whether we will go to heaven or hell (and there's nothing we can do to change it because He ultimately controls our beliefs and decisions), that Jesus only died for the "elect," and that the non-elect were never truly offered salvation because God willed them to go to hell for His purposes and glory.  

(Yet they will cover up their ugly, unbiblical beliefs with many biblical-sounding layers, to rationalize them and disguise them.  See "Why Is Calvinism So Dangerous?" and "When Calvinism's 'Bad Logic' Traps Good Christians." And the worst part is, most of them don't even realize they are doing it.  Also see "Does God Cause Childhood Abuse?" and "Do Calvinists Really Believe God Causes Sin?  Let The…