War Rooms, Praying Scripture, and Spiritual Warfare

I strongly believe that there are angels and demons.  That prayer matters.  That there is a spiritual battle going on around us all the time ... and that we need to get involved in it, actively and consciously.  (Something I haven't been doing lately.)  

Regardless of if we want it or not, we are constantly facing spiritual battles.  But if we don't acknowledge them - if we stick our head in the sand and refuse to get involved, to put on our spiritual armor, to use the spiritual weapons that are available to us - we open ourselves up to deceptions, to defeat, to being very vulnerable to the strategies and attacks of the evil one.

What I have done here is compile a list of posts on spiritual warfare, on praying Scripture, and on creating a War Room (or War Journal).

Have you ever seen War Room?

You should.  It's a great movie.  And it is so relevant to real life.  To the life that is most real - the spiritual life.

I've read through all these links, but I haven't checked out everything on each site, so you'll have to be discerning.  

But I did try to make sure there are no Calvinist ones (at least overtly Calvinist ones) because I think Calvinists are so screwed up in their theology and in how they live out their theological views that they cannot offer sound, biblical advice about spiritual warfare and prayer.  When everything (even if they won't admit it out loud) comes down to "God preplans/controls/causes everything that happens and everything you do, even every evil and every sin, and so you have no real choices about anything," how can you truly live and pray and engage in spiritual warfare the way God intended!?!  

And I've tried to be careful to choose only posts and sites that seemed trustworthy and accurate.  Not overly sensationalized or biblically off-track or anything like that.  But practical and down to earth and biblically-sound.  Check a few out and be inspired to take the spiritual battle more seriously.

[And if you are dealing with anxiety, discouragement, and sinful strongholds in your life, may I recommend some really good books from Neil T. Anderson (some have a coauthor): Victory Over The Darkness, Freedom From Fear, and The Bondage Breaker.  They are loaded with Scripture and biblical truth.  Just a couple weeks ago, I was beginning to feel anxiety rise up inside of me again.  And so I checked these out from our church library.  Reading the Scriptural truths in these books calmed my mind and filled me with hope.  I ordered my own copies online shortly after so that I could go back to them again and again.]

On Creating A War Room

Prayer Closet: How to Create One and Why You Should (embracingasimplerlife.com)

How to Create a Prayer Closet - Your War Room (womenlivingwell.org)

How to Create a Prayer Closet (ourfaithfulhome.com)

a long post from my Bible Study on Prayer
Sermons and Videos Related to Struggles/Spiritual Warfare  

A 20-Sermon Playlist (includes some already listed above)

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