Sermons by Tony Evans

Taking a break between the "end times" stuff and the upcoming "predestination" stuff:

Tony Evans is my all-time favorite pastor.  He always gives messages that convict, challenge, and comfort.  Here are some sermons that I have listened to or am going to listen to.  For more, simply search for "Tony Evans Sermons."  There are so many great ones to choose from.

Reversing Anxiety Consequences

Trusting God In The Storm 

Overcoming Anxiety Strongholds part 1  

Overcoming Anxiety Strongholds part 2 

Trusting The God You Believe In 

Trust When God Blocks Something 

Sword of the Spirit 

God's Word Cannot Be Trusted

Claiming Your Legal Rights

Praying and Waiting for God's Timing 

When God Talks 

Trusting God in the Darkness 

The Protection of Prayer 

Experiencing Spiritual Wisdom

Experiencing Spiritual Deliverance 

Why God Delays Your Blessings 

Why God Allows Your Crisis 

Trusting God in the Midst of Chaos 

When You Feel Like Giving Up 

Activation of Angels 

The Ministry of Angels/The Need for Spiritual Armor 

Getting Through The Enemy's Line With Prayer 

The Nature of the Battle part 1

The Nature of the Battle part 2

Principles of Productive Prayer part 1

Principles of Productive Prayer part 2

The War Revealed and Strongholds Defined

Connecting with God for a Breakthrough

A Collection of Good Quotes 

A Spiritual Warfare Playlist 

A 20-Sermon Playlist (includes some already listed above)

A 34-Sermon Playlist 

Power in Prayer Playlist (91 videos),

I'll add more in a future post as I find them!  (Honestly, I'm really doing it for me.  I like having these compiled all together for my own reference.  But I hope you find inspiration in them, too.)

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