My Favorite Live Bird Cams (and a few others too)

I enjoy checking in on these live bird cams every now and then.  Especially when we are knee-deep in snow and it's 10 degrees outside.

Ontario Backyard Cam

Sapsucker Woods

Panama Fruit Feeders

Red Tail Hawks - These guys are just starting to build their nest now.  So ... maybe there will be hawk eggs sometime soon?

Bermuda Petrels - This one currently has an egg in the nest.  There should be a baby bird in about a month.

Hellgate Ospreys - empty nest for now, but that parking lot sure is fun to watch :)

Savannah Ospreys - they are currently building their nest, just starting the nesting season

Hummingbirds - I just found this one today, and from what I can tell from the comments, she just laid her first egg today (2/18/19).  What a coincidence.  

Great Horned Owls - I believe there's 2 eggs in the nest so far (as of 2/18/19).  And apparently, this mama owl recently stole the nest from the hawks.  Here's the hawk trying to take it back.

Southwest Florida Eagle Cam - The eagles in this live cam just had two new babies back around Christmas-time.  Here are some of their younger days:

Welcome E12 (egg 12)
E12 on Hatch Day
Dad Feeds E12
Welcome E13
E12 gets bowled over by stick & comes up swinging
Dec 27 - sibling rivalry
Dec 29th - Double Escapees
Dec 30 Babies on the move
Harriet puts a stick on E12
January 1 - Dad puts big fish on E12
January 3rd Rumble in the nest
E13 falls over preening, and some good close-ups
January 5th feeding
Jan 8th Dual Feedings
And that brings us up to today!  The last time this eagle pair had babies, I found myself glued to the screen before bed, checking on the babies to make sure they were safe for the night.  It can be addictive.  Watch with caution!

And a newer video:
Jan 29 - E13 not happy about getting hit while E12 exercises wings

And how about a Panda Cam.
And there's a bunch of wildlife cams to choose from here:  Sportsman Paradise Online

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