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What's The Best Way To Make People Agree With Your Calvinist Views?

By shaming, mocking, and silencing those who disagree, of course!

Allow me to daydream here, to tell you a little story, a hypothetical situation (Sorry for the random font changes.  Stupid computers!)...  

Pretend you are part of a great church, where the pastor doesn't make a huge issue (or any issue) out of Calvinism.  He keeps it middle of the road, on the parts of doctrine we can all agree on.  And it's a great place to be, a place you love inviting people to.  You've been there for many years, and have no intention of ever leaving.  

And then, after that pastor retires, you get a new one.  At first, he seems just fine.  Lots of enthusiasm, speaks powerfully, very intelligent.  But you notice something just a little ... off ... and you can't quite put your finger on it.

One of the first things that caught your attention, shortly after he got there, was when he admitted from the pulpit that he has no patience.  You could tell that he thought he was trying to sound ... …