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#youknowmetoo ... #imalive ... #momletmelive

You know that horrible hashtag going around - the "you know me" one where women celebrate the abortions they had.

Well, there should be a #youknowmetoo or #imalive or #momletmelive or something like that where anyone who knows they were almost an abortion can celebrate the fact that they are alive, that their mother let them live.  (Or maybe they themselves almost had an abortion, but kept their child.  And they can celebrate the fact that they did.)

I'll go first:  

"Hi, my name's Heather.  I'm a 43-year-old mother of four sons.  I have been married to the same wonderful man for 20 years.  I have a Master's in Counseling Psychology, but I've chosen to stay home instead to raise my sons.  I consider it an honor and immense blessing to be a wife and mother.  I believe in helping hurting people, in standing up for Truth, and I have put my faith in my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!  

But ... I might never have been.  My mother got pregnant with me when she …

Well, It's Final. We Resigned From Our Church Because of Calvinism.

The inevitable has finally happened, the day we hoped would never come: The day we officially resigned from our church because of our pastor's dogmatic Calvinist preaching (May 20, 2019).  (From now on, I will be calling him our "ex-pastor.")

It's been a long road.  He came on board about 6 years ago, and began introducing his Calvinist views here and there.  Just a little bit at a time, never really exposing the ugly parts of Calvinism.  Just subtle points that didn't really alarm us.  

And he's not a mean guy or bad guy or anything.  He seems genuinely nice and like he desperately wants to honor God.  And he's got a good "leader-type" personality: strong, confident, bold, forthright, well-educated, great speaker, enthusiastic.  But he does seem a little bit on the domineering side, in a "this is MY church" and "my ways are best" and "I always know best" way.  But at first, he just seemed bold and enthusiastic.  A st…

Calvinism: Heresy At Its Finest!

Okay, I won't say "Calvinism is hogwash" in this post.  So don't worry.  One thing you will definitely not hear me say in this post is that "Calvinism is hogwash."  I mean, I know I've said "Calvinism is hogwash" in many other posts, but I won't say it here.

Okay, so now that that's out of the way ...

Calvinism is heresy at its finest!

It's man telling God how God has to be in order to be God.  

It's "God has to control everything, or else He's not God."  

It's "Jesus didn't die for everyone because Jesus couldn't die for those who would reject Him, because that would be a disgrace to Him and a waste of His blood."  

It's "God has to be the cause of all evil and wickedness and murder and abuse, or else there's no purpose for it."  

It's "God predestined Jesus to die for sinners, and so He caused Adam and Eve to fall because He needed sinners for Jesus to die for."  


More Anti-Calvinism Memes #7

American Noise

I was driving the other day, and this song began playing from a CD my husband had in the CD player.  I had never heard it before, but for some reason, it struck me.  I don't know why, but it did.  It struck me ... and it stuck with me.

Skillet - American Noise

I don't know ... maybe it's about a sense of hope in the middle of the chaos.  The fact that things are going to be rough, but that there is still good there and good can still come out of it all.  

It got to me. 

I think sometimes we all need a little of that hope and love that cut through the American Noise.  

At least, I know I do!

Too Funny - Alyssa Milano's Sex-Strike

So there's an article out about Alyssa Milano calling for a sex-strike until anti-abortion laws get changed.  She is saying that women shouldn't have sex until they get more abortions rights.
Ha-ha-ha!  Yes, please do that!  Please!  
It's a win-win-win for everyone else but the women striking.  First off, it's exactly what we need to have lower abortion rates.  It will also help stop the spread of diseases.  It will prevent the rabid feminists from passing their views on to any children they might have decided to keep if they had gotten pregnant.  And the men these women are withholding sex from might just go out and find a decent, respectful woman who won't use sex to control and manipulate the men into giving them what they want.  
A win for the unborn, for the next generation, for the sexual health of our country, and for the men who the feminists are trying to control!
So ... yes, Alyssa ... please get as many feminists as you can to join this sex-strike with you!…

Review of "Once an Insider, Now Without A Church Home" - A Look At How Churches Go Wrong

I was recently asked to review this book – Once an Insider, Now Without A Church Home: One Couple’s Faith Crisis Due to the Infiltration and Spread of Authoritarianism, Calvinism, Complementarianism, and Covenants in the Am Evangelical Church, written by Amanda Farmer.(Click here to go tothe author’s website or click here to order her book on Amazon.)
I am not getting paid or reimbursed in any way for this review.But after reading it, I am happy to do it because I think it’s a message that needs to get out there as much as possible. For me, I will focus particularly on the “Calvinism” part of it, seeing as how it’s also recently taking over the church my family has attended for almost 20 years.
I found this review of the book online by another blog-owner.And since that blog owner did a great job of giving a thorough synopsis of the book, I will focus more on giving my impressions of it, how it affected me, and what it made me think.
For starters, Amanda shares her story in a very clear,…