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If Calvinism is True, Then God is a Liar!

Calvinism includes the belief that God has ordained everything (as in He pre-plans and causes everything that happens), that He predestined from the beginning of time whether you will go to heaven or hell, that Jesus only died for the "elect," and that the non-elect were never truly offered salvation because God willed them to go to hell for His purposes and glory.  (For the updated version of this post, click here.)  

But if Calvinism is true ... then God is a liar!

I mean, listen to a few of their teachings in a nutshell, without all the fancy, convoluted Calvinist arguments to defend those ideas ...

The Bible says God does not cause sin or cause people to sin, but Calvinism says God causes everything, even sin.

The Bible calls us all to believe and it places the responsibility to believe on us, but Calvinism says God blinds most people so that they cannot believe and that if we believe it's because God predetermined we would and caused us to.

The Bible says God wants all p…