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The Hobbit

(Reposted from my other blog, from 2014, but edited quite a bit.  My sons and I have been obsessively watching the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies lately.  Okay, mostly me.  But I can't get enough of them!  I'm starting on the books now too.  A great way to spend lockdown.)

I was driving to the flower shop today to pick up some onion transplants when I heard a line from a song that really stuck with me.It was something about ‘not knowing how the journey will end.’And it hit me that that’s exactly what has always scared me about life ... not knowing where things are headed.  To me, everything feels doomed, like tragedy and heartache are always right around the corner.And so I guess I live with a constant, deep sense of anxiety and discouragement.Always waiting for the next bad thing. And I began to think, "Why do I always have to think that ‘not knowing how this journey will end’ means ‘tragedy and trouble are up ahead’?Why can’t it mean ‘exciting, unexpected adventur…

Thank You, President Trump

To President Trump and the other leaders who made it happen,
Thank you for the stimulus check.  It is much appreciated and will be used wisely.  And thank you for doing your best to lead our country during this crazy time.  I am praying for you.  May God bless you, keep you safe, and guide you!  
Sincerely, Heather

Big Shocker: Liberal Elites Trying to Stop Those Who Oppose The Covid Vaccine!

See this link: "Liberal Elites Trying To Stop Organic Covid-19 Opposition Groups From Growing As Distrust Of The American Media Reaching All-Time High".

And also read the comments to Bill Gates' Tweet here.  (Click on "view more replies" to see them all.)  Interesting stuff!  (And I love the sentence about how the guy who wants to reduce the human population - Bill Gates - is the same one who wants to "save" us with a vaccine.  Very insightful!  And it should make everyone pause and think!)

I have distrusted the mainstream media for a long, long time, seeing as how biased they are politically, and who they are "in bed" with, and which information they allow us to see, and how they spin their articles, and which news stories they choose to report and which to hide, etc..  But it's only been recently, since Trump was elected, that their phony "unbiased, just reporting the news" mask has come off.  And now they don't even try …

How About Some More Anti-Calvinism Memes