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Healing Your Soul From Calvinism's Damage

For the 6 years that our "new" Calvinist pastor was at our church, subtly teaching his Calvinism, my soul was starving.  I'm not kidding; I could feel it starving.  Shriveling up.  (It wasn't dying - because I have a very strong faith and my faith is in God, not in some preacher - but it was being starved for truth and encouragement.  See "Why Is Calvinism So Dangerous?" for my views on why this theology is so destructive.)

It wasn't just because of what he was teaching, but it was also because of what he wasn't teaching (written about here and here too).  He didn't talk about God's love for us, about how God cares about us and for us, how He helps us in the hard times, etc.  There was no practical, spiritual help for the struggles of life.  No hope or real encouragement ... other than things like "God ordains everything, even your tragedies and your heartaches and your trials, even any childhood abuse you went through.  And He does this…

Just Testing Subscription Link

I just added a subscription link to this blog, under the heading, but I had no idea what I was doing.  I just kept clicking on things and following links until something happened.  So I am in the process right now of seeing if it works or not.  If it doesn't work, I will try to find a friend to help me fix it soon, if I can.

And if this does work, just know that even after writing and publishing posts, I go back sometimes to edit, correct, or update them.  So what I first publish may end up being more of a "rough draft."  I like to keep tinkering with what I write.  

FYI:  I only added a subscription button to 3 of my blogs: My Crazy Faith, Anti-Calvinist Rant, and Heather's Garden and Home.  These are the only ones I continue to add posts to.  
The Heather's Garden and Home blog contains posts on life issues in general, recipes, garden stuff, family stuff, pictures, and my social/political thoughts, etc.  But only a few posts on faith, and almost none of the anti…

God Help Us All! (And Greta Thunberg Makes Me Giggle)

Read the following article:
Killing The Unborn, Confessing To Plants
I agree with him:  May God help us all!

And speaking of crimes against nature, does this girl want to make anyone else laugh?
Leftist Progressive Puppet Teen Greta Thunberg Gives Outrageously Bad Acting Performance at UN ...
I simply cannot take that speech seriously when it looks like seriously bad acting, totally scripted, rehearsed, and overblown.  "Insert angry face here … add a tremble to your voice here … spew venom here …"

"And the Oscar goes to ... Greta Thunberg for her dramatic performance in You Have Stolen My Dreams!"

(The scripted angst reminds me of AOC's speech about her Green New Deal.  Click here to see The Amazing Lucas comment on that performance.  I like this guy!  Oh, and here's a video I just found from someone who Greta makes laugh too.  And guess what?  It's the Amazing Lucas again.  My sons and husband watch this guy all the time.)  

The Left-Leaning of The Gospel Coalition

A little bit about the highly-Calvinistic "Gospel Coalition," behind the Christian front (for your discernment and information, to tuck in the back of your mind):
I never realized how politically "left" The Gospel Coalition is (our ex-church was listed with their 'church search,' probably because of our new Calvinist pastor), until this article:  TGC Doesn't Want You To Vote For Trump.  WE GET IT!
And so I looked a little harder ... and found these (I'm sure I would've found more, but I only looked for a few minutes):  
Evangelical Leaders: Tell Us to Vote for Clinton  [Personally, I think "But look what kind of a person Trump is, so we have to vote for Hilary" is a pathetic excuse Christians use to rationalize their desire to vote for someone who would clearly drag our country down even more into immorality and godlessness.  That's my own opinion.  And I'm allowed to have it.  But what in the world is a supposedly godly organizat…

If You Are Rejecting God ... (And "What is Calvinism?")

If you find yourself rejecting God because of some of the terrible or confusing things others tell you about Him, and you don't want anything to do with Him because you don't think you can trust a God like that ... it might just be that they are telling you about the Calvinist God.  It might be that you are simply rejecting Calvi-god, because you sense that something's very wrong with him.  
Well, I say that you're right.  Something is very wrong with him.  And he is not the God of the Bible!

Calvinists will say that Calvinism IS the Gospel, that they are one and the same.  (For more on what Calvinism teaches and why it's wrong, see some of the links to other people's Anti-Calvinist writing, farther down the list after the links to mine, in "Links to other Anti-Calvinism Posts".)

But do you want to know my brief answer to "What is Calvinism?"...
It's Satan disguised as Light.  It's a wolf in sheep's clothing.  It's cleverly-pack…

A "Parody" Of John Piper's "How to Teach and Preach 'Calvinism'"

Check out this article by John Piper called "How to Teach and Preach 'Calvinism'".  Now here is my take on what Piper really means to say, on how Calvinists teach and preach Calvinism: 

1.  Always point to a Scripture verse, even if it's taken out of context, and say "See, it's in the Bible, so you have to believe it, even if it doesn't make sense."  Such as, if you point to a verse with the word "predestined" in it and say "See, the Bible teaches predestination," then they will be more willing to accept Calvinism (without questioning exactly what it is that is "predestined").  The more verses you refer to, the more they'll trust you and the more biblical they'll think Calvinism is.

2.  Always associate Calvinism with "the truth" and "the Gospel" and "God's Word" and "God Himself."  Tell people "It's okay to struggle with the 'truth' of predestinatio…