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Some Current Heretical Teachings

Some Current Heretical Teachings in Many Christian Churches (repost):

I want to take a brief moment to introduce some of the current heretical teachings that are coming from “Christian” churches nowadays, and possible responses to them.This is just a taste of the heresies that are out there.

1.“There was no virgin birth.‘Virgin’ meant she was a young woman or that she got pregnant the first time she had intercourse.So Jesus wasn’t really God.”
If they can destroy the idea of the virgin birth, they can deny the deity of Jesus Christ.They can make Him into just a man, just another good teacher you can choose to follow if you want to.
But what about Matthew 1:18, which says that Mary and Joseph hadn’t “come together” yet?They didn’t have intercourse, and yet she was found to be with child.But if it wasn’t through intercourse with Joseph and it wasn’t supernatural, then you would have to conclude that she had an affair.Are “Christians” who want to deny the “virgin birth” ready to claim that? A…