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Songs about the Rapture and Heaven (repost)

I will be reposting an "end times" series I did back in 2018 (interspersed with the other posts I am writing right now).  Something about the way the world is going makes all this seem so relevant right now, so timely. 
But first, let's start with some music!
First things first ... God's Not Dead (by Newsboys). I assure you, He's not.  

And Jesus is coming back again soon In The Sky (by Bob Carlisle and others)

I know that my family and I are ready. Are you? (I Wish We'd All Been Ready)

My prayer: Lord, please, break open the sky

80+ Bible Verses for Spiritual Warfare (repost)

Do you ever feel like Satan is beating you down ... with negative thoughts, temptations, trials, struggles, fears?

Do you know that there is a weapon available to help you fight against him and his schemes?

It is the Word of God!

The Sword of the Spirit!

But I just learned something about this "Sword of the Spirit" from Tony Evans.  According to the concordance, the actual meaning of the "Word of God" in this verse (Ephesians 6:17) doesn't have to do with the whole Bible, the written Word of God.  It's about the spoken word, about speaking the Word of God, about using Scripture out-loud to battle the lies of the enemy.
The power of this weapon is in speaking it, not just knowing about it or reading it or having a Bible on your shelf.  It's vocalizing specific verses about your particular struggle or temptation or fear or whatever ... to defeat the enemy and make him flee.
Jesus did this when Satan was trying to tempt Him in the wilderness.  
Three times Satan …