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How Would You Spend Your Last Day?

Okay, so today (reposted from 9/23/17) is the beginning of the end of the world, according to a Christian numerologist.  As I went to bed last night, I was thinking, "What if the world really did 'end' tomorrow?  How would we choose to spend our last day?"
As I laid in bed by myself last night watching Gilmore Girls for the 832nd time while my husband and kids watched a show together in the other room, I thought about how we all had eaten dinner together earlier (homemade BBQ chicken pizza) and how hubby and I had our "mommy and daddy" time and how we were all just chillin' now with each other, hanging out in our normal low-key way, eating mint chocolate chip ice cream. 
And I thought, "This is exactly how I would want to spend my last day.  If the world ended tomorrow or if the rapture really happened and Jesus came back and took my family out of here, I would be happy to end my time on earth like this." 
Actually, I can think of a few other t…

I Wish I Had This Dad!

I love the father in this video clip,  getting up on stage to comfort his terrified daughter,  dancing ballet alongside her. Makes me smile and makes my heart ache a little for the kind of father I never had.  I would have loved to be that little girl, reaching up to hold her daddy's hand, having a father who would do anything for you.

Whoever you are, dad in the video, you're doing it right!

If it's not natural, maybe it's ...

Did you read the Newsweek article that came out a little while ago which says that - according to natural laws - the universe shouldn't actually exist? 
Hmm?  Well, let me think about that.  If the universe shouldn't actually exist according to nature, then maybe its existence is ... dare I say? ... "supernatural."
This article shows one of the biggest, most unscientific problems with scientists.  Notice that it says that one of the biggest puzzles scientists are trying to solve is ... how did matter form after the Big Bang?
They start from the position that there was undoubtedly a "Big Bang," forcing them down a path of fitting all the pieces into the "Big Bang Puzzle."
When, instead, maybe they should start with the question of "Was there really a Big Bang as we assume there must have been?"
A scientist would consider all the possibilities and look at all the evidence and let the evidence guide them to a conclusion.  That is the scientific…

Sorry ... But I'm Not Buying That Crap!

A famous actress recently said that monogamy is hard.And she said that monogamy being hard for everyone is proof that it’s not natural.And, therefore, the obviously conclusion is that because it’s not natural, we shouldn’t have to abide by such an unnatural restriction.
How sad!And how tragic that young people will look up to her and her advice and use it as an excuse to live any way they want.
What she’s saying is that how easy something is or how fun it is or how much we desire to do it determines how “natural” it is.And since we can’t fight what’s "natural," we should just go with it and do it.We should let our desires be our guide for right and wrong.
Can you even imagine the kinds of horrifying scenarios this could lead to!?!
I can.


Original definition of tolerance (my paraphrase): “Agreeing to disagree over our differences while maintaining respect for the other person as a fellow human being, being able to live peaceably among those who are different from us.”

New definition of tolerance being forced on us: “You must never offend anyone.And taking it further, you must condone, support, and encourage everything that everyone else says, does, or believes ... or else you will be labeled an ‘intolerant, narrow-minded hater’ and we will sue you and destroy your job and reputation.And if you have any lingering convictions about "right and wrong," we will continue to relentlessly beat them out of you have until you fall in line with our values and positions and until you admit that we're right and you're wrong.”

Which one do you think is going to lead to more chaos, fear, interpersonal problems, and a breakdown in society?

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Matherhood Matters To The Ones Who Matter Most!


It's not just something to do while you wait for a "real job" to come along.

Motherhood IS the job - the job that matters most.

Pour your heart into it.  Give it your all, your best.  "Just a mom" is an incredible privilege and a blessed responsibility.  Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

You might feel like you don't mean much to the world, but you can bet that you mean the world to your children!

Make choices that honor that love, that show how much you value your children and your role as the only mother they have.

I am proud to be a mother!

Feminism Nonsense

(Oh, how we love nonsense in our country!)
We women are fighting so hard to be like men, to downplay femininity, to be perceived as more masculine, to overtake any "men's realm" we find.Because it’s “cool” and “progressive” and “strong.”
But do we not realize that we are not “leveling the playing field” so much as we are destroying ourselves, the things that make women special?
Women can be strong, too.And they don’t have to be like men to do it.  Trust me, I know.  I've had four children, one by c-section and three by natural, drug-free homebirth (with over 15 hours of labor for each one).  And then I work in the home every day, all day long.  No pay.  No vacation time.  No weekends off.  No bonuses.  No overtime pay.  But I do it because my family and I value my position, my role.  Even if the world doesn't. 
We women can be strong and capable and accomplished in our own ways.
We can be strong in our feminine grace.  We can be confident in our nurturing temperament…

To Those Raising Gender-Neutral Kids

(And to a society who's insisting on raising a gender-neural generation:)
Are you not concerned that it may hurt your child's self-esteem and sexuality and sense of self to tell them that their gender doesn't matter?  That this very intimate, important part of them isn't real?
You might think you're helping your child feel "free," but what you're really doing by denying a very key part of them is making them feel ashamed of their boy-ness or girl-ness.

You know what ... I have four children who were born with penises.  And do you know what we raised them to believe?  That they are boys.   
Insane?  Or scientific fact and common-freakin'-sense!?!
Frankly, I'm proud of my boys.  I'm happy to have boys, to celebrate their maleness, to make them feel like they're perfect just the way they are.  (If I had girls, I would celebrate their femaleness.) 
It's too bad that others don't do that for their children!

More Gender Nonsense

Okay, so about 40% of Americans in a recent survey say that gender isn’t determined at birth.
Hmm? … Let me think about that a minute …
If I say that a horse isn’t a horse, that it’s really born as an unspecified species and that, if it wants to, it can grow up to be a squirrel or a dog or a cow … does it really change its “horseness”?If I say that my chromosomes are not human chromosomes but eagle chromosomes, does it make me an eagle?
Does denial or wishful thinking change reality?

We can live in denial of reality, but our beliefs don’t change reality.

(It’s funny … but living in denial of reality used to be called “crazy.”Delusional.Now it’s considered hip and progressive and celebratory.)

The thing is … our X or Y chromosomes are not just in our reproductive organs.They are in every cell of our being, along with the rest of our chromosomes.

God is love, but love is NOT a god!

Our society doesn’t get this.We have it backwards.We have turned love into its own god, even redefining who God is, according to how we think love should look, act, and believe.  
Just today, I found a "Christian" blog that emphasized how the most important factor of being a Christian is that we love everyone and do harm to no one.  
However, this wasn't a "treat people kindly, take care of widows and orphans" kind of thing.  

It was a "support the LGBTQ-movement, defend the LGBTQ-people who are oppressed (I'm sorry, but how can you call that massive mob of loud, demanding people who are steamrolling everyone into doing what they want and tearing down anyone who doesn't support them "oppressed"?), and defend the living children, not the unborn babies" kind of thing.
She twisted Scripture to make it sound like a loving God wants us to show our love for others by approving of everything they do and everything they believe.  And anyone who …