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For my thoughts and research on Calvinism (and why I believe it's not Scriptural):

These four are really long posts with lots of information and bunny-trails (but I broke them up into smaller posts in the links below):

The smaller posts, in order:

And here are some posts from other Anti-Calvinists (FYI: Just because I link to them doesn't mean I necessarily agree with everything in them, so be discerning.):

"Reflections of a Calvinist 'Unelect'" 

"My Journey Into Calvinism" 

"Calvinism Critiqued by a Former Calvinist"  (I like this, but do not agree with the "II. Unconditional Election" point.  I do believe that God foreknew those who would choose Him, and He chose those who He knew would choose Him.  I believe that from the beginning of time, God already knew who was going to choose Him, to love Him, and so, from the beginning of time, we are already His people in His eyes, His chosen ones.  But it is based on our choice to choose Him, to love Him.  And I do not really agree with his "V. Final Perseverance" point either, meaning that I do not think our "final salvation" is contingent on our lifetime of good works and faithfulness, as if we have to keep working to secure our salvation.  I think Jesus secured it for mankind, and we acquire it when we make Him Lord of our lives.  I think our lifetime of good works and faithfulness is the natural result of true saving faith.  And if you don't see evidence of faithfulness in your life, growing to be more like Jesus, then you should really contemplate if you truly made Jesus Lord and Savior of your life.  "Good works" is evidence of our faith and salvation, but it does not secure our salvation.)

"Why I Disagree With All 5 Points Of Calvinism" 

"Is Calvinism Biblical?" 

120 Contradictions from Calvinists

What's Wrong With 5-Point Calvinism?

John Calvin Exposed!  (While this is a little harsh, there's some stuff worth considering and researching more.)

Three Words That Trip Theologians

Errors of Calvinism  (This person doesn't hold back, says exactly what they're thinking.  Love it.  Cracks me up.  And yet, it is a little harsh in some places.)

Calvinism: The Greatest God-Sent Delusion of All Time  (Yee-oww!  This is a long read, but it is well-worth it to sit down, take your time, and read thoughtfully.  And he uses a lot of sarcasm, so you have to really read it to see what he's really trying to say.)

Calvinism is Antichrist, Doctrines of Devils  (I like this person's bluntness and forthrightness.  And while I agree that Calvinism is unscriptural, I wouldn't go so far as to say all Calvinists are going to hell.  Only God knows our heart and can judge our faith.  I think many Calvinists, in general, are good, godly, well-intentioned people who are just trying to live their faith as best they've been taught by dogmatic Calvinist preachers, but they are not aware that they are being force-fed a false view of the Gospel.  They don't know to question it.  They're faith in Jesus is solid and real, but they haven't thought too deeply about the nonsense they've been told is "truth" or the implications of a Calvinist God.  Because if they did, they would be horrified.)

These three are particularly about their idea that God tricks some unelected people into thinking they are elected so that He can punish them in hell even more:  Beyond Calvinism: On Assurance Of Salvation And Calvin's "Evanescent Grace"  and Assurance Of Salvation And "Evanescent Grace" (This is a Catholic website, I believe.  And I don't agree with much of their theology/practices, but I am looking only at this post, at this issue of "evanescent grace.").

Here's a PDF file of hundreds of pages against Calvinism, which includes "My Journey Into Calvinism."

And here are some quotes directly from Calvin, so you can see for yourself what he teaches: John Calvin Quotes - The Calvinism of John Calvin: Are Calvinists REALLY "Calvinists"?  I agree with this person that most Calvinists probably haven't really studied what Calvinism teaches.  And if they did, they probably wouldn't be so quick to call themselves "Calvinists."  (I believe God allows sin and uses our self-chosen sin for His purposes, but He does not cause sin.)  And notice the interesting contradiction in the 7th quote down, starting with "How few are there who ..."  In this, John Calvin stresses the point that there is no free-will, that we err to think we can have any thoughts or will of our own, and that the idea of free-will should be abolished.  BUT THEN, he goes on to say that he is unwilling to use the term himself, and that others should agree with him.  AS IF he and others can be willing or unwilling to do anything on their own - something he forcefully denies, but then claims he does.  Ha-ha-ha!  How contradictory!  And he also alludes to the idea that it's best for us to get truth from "lengthened discourse."  I am guessing he means such as from his 1000+ pages of Institutes of the Christian Religion?  (Whereas the New Testament is about 300 pages long, and the book of John, which pretty much lays out the Gospel, is a fraction of that.  I guess God's just too simple-minded to intelligently expound on Scripture as much as John Calvin did.  Good thing Calvin eventually came along to help God say what He wanted to say but coulnd't!)  Sometimes, using too many words is a clue that you are elevating your own intelligence over God's simple truths, and that you are complicating truth and trying to twist it into something it doesn't say!  Trying to shove square pegs in round holes takes a lot of effort!     

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