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This is the last half of the post "What's The Best Way To Make People Agree With Your Calvinist Views."  But I put it here in its own post so that it's easier to find.

These are some links to posts which are against Calvinism, the belief that the Bible teaches God has predetermined from the beginning of time who goes to heaven and who goes to hell.  It's no secret from my writing that I strongly disagree with this view.  I believe the Bible clearly teaches that God offers us all salvation, that Jesus's death paid for everyone's sins, and that we have to decide if we will accept Him or reject Him.  And here is some of what others have to say about Calvinism:

(FYI, I haven't read everything in all of these yet and I don't necessarily agree with every point they make, but I needed to link to them before I lost them online.  And for the record, I came to my belief about what the Bible says by reading the Bible, not extra-biblical books or articles.  And after I came to my conclusion that Calvinism is most definitely NOT biblical, I researched online to find others who believe the same thing and their reasons for believing it.  I do not want to be accused of letting another person's writings influence my beliefs.  I stand on the Bible alone!)

Soteriology 101  (If you are going to check out only one, check this one out.  It's written by a former 5-point Calvinist, Leighton Flowers.  He does a great job breaking Calvinism down, calling out its errors, contradictions and illogicalness, and how it misunderstands the Bible and God.)

Beyond the Fundamentals - my husband is addicted to these videos right now.  He just learns so much through them.

Hoppers Crossing Christian Church (click here for blog link) - a great look at the problems of Calvinism from several different angles.

"Reflections of a Calvinist 'Unelect'" 

"My Journey Into Calvinism" 

"Why I Disagree With All 5 Points Of Calvinism" 

"Is Calvinism Biblical?" 

120 Contradictions from Calvinists

What's Wrong With 5-Point Calvinism?

Why Is Calvinism So Dangerous?  and If Calvinism is true, then God is a liar! and Links To My Anti-Calvinism Posts (my posts)

John Calvin Exposed!  (While this is a little harsh, there's some stuff worth considering and researching more.  For the record, he says things in other posts I do not like or agree with.  So I am only looking at what he says here, about this issue.)

Calvinism: The Horrible Decree  (A look at the kind of leader John Calvin was.  Is this the kind of man we should be getting our theology from!?!)

Three Words That Trip Theologians

Errors of Calvinism  (This person doesn't hold back, says exactly what they're thinking.  Love it.  Cracks me up.  But it can be a little harsh.)

Calvinism: The Greatest God-Sent Delusion of All Time  (Yee-oww, this is a long read.  But it is well-worth it to sit down, take your time, and read thoughtfully.  And he uses a lot of sarcasm, so you have to read carefully to understand what he's really trying to say.)

Calvinism is Antichrist, Doctrines of Devils  (I like this person's bluntness and forthrightness.  And while I agree that Calvinism is unscriptural, I wouldn't go so far as to say all Calvinists are going to hell.  Only God knows our heart and can judge our faith.  I think many general Calvinists are good, godly, well-intentioned people who are just trying to live their faith as best they've been taught by dogmatic Calvinist preachers, but they are not aware that they are being force-fed a false view of the Gospel.  They don't know to question it.  They're faith in Jesus is solid and real, but they haven't thought too deeply about the nonsense they've been told is "truth" or the implications of a Calvinist God.  Because if they did, they would be horrified.)

Calvinism Refuted in 10 Minutes  (EXCELLENT!  So biblical and succinct!)

A look at Calvin and today's Calvinists: What would they have done if they'd been there? from Discerning the World.  Interesting!  Very interesting!  Watch it.  It makes me sick to my stomach.  I watched it with my hand over my mouth in disbelief, feeling like crying.

A 4-minute video - Hitler & Calvinism.  Brilliant and gutsy!

And here is a great 6-minute "satire" video we just found: "The Candid Calvinist", giving you a good idea of what Calvinists say vs. what they really mean.

And you can find some links to a few more great videos in this post.

Some more to read:
These are particularly about John Calvin's idea that God tricks some unelected people into thinking they are elected so that He can punish them in hell even more:  Beyond Calvinism: On Assurance Of Salvation And Calvin's "Evanescent Grace"  and Assurance Of Salvation And "Evanescent Grace" (This is a Catholic website, I believe.  And I don't agree with much of their theology/practices, but I am looking only at this post, at this issue of "evanescent grace.").

"Official Calvinism Dictionary"

Here's a PDF file of hundreds of pages against Calvinism, which includes "My Journey Into Calvinism."

And here are some quotes directly from Calvin, so you can see for yourself what he teaches: John Calvin Quotes - The Calvinism of John Calvin: Are Calvinists REALLY "Calvinists"?  I agree with this person that most Calvinists probably haven't really studied what Calvinism teaches.  And if they did, they probably wouldn't be so quick to call themselves "Calvinists."  (I believe God allows sin and uses our self-chosen sin for His purposes, but He doesn't cause it.)  And notice the interesting contradiction in the 7th quote down, starting with "How few are there who ..."  In this, John Calvin stresses the point that there is no free-will, that we err to think we can have any thoughts or will of our own, and that the idea of free-will should be abolished.  BUT THEN, he goes on to say that he is unwilling to use the term himself, and that others should agree with him.  AS IF he and others can be willing or unwilling to do anything on their own - something he forcefully denies, but then claims he does.  Ha-ha-ha!  How contradictory!  And he also alludes to the idea that it's best for us to get truth from "lengthened discourse."  I am guessing he means such as from his 1000+ pages of Institutes of the Christian Religion?  (Whereas the New Testament is about 300 pages long, and the book of John, which pretty much lays out the Gospel, is a fraction of that.  I guess God's just too simple-minded to intelligently expound on Scripture like John Calvin did.  Good thing Calvin eventually came along to help God say what He wanted to say but couldn't!)  Sometimes, using too many words is a clue that you are elevating your own intelligence over God's simple truths, and that you are complicating truth and trying to twist it into something it doesn't say!  Trying to shove square pegs in round holes takes a lot of effort!    

Here is my own research/opinions on this issue, the posts about it on this blog.  Or you can click on the "predestination" label to find them, or start with this post and follow the links at the bottom through the predestination series.  (There are more, newer links in this post: Links to My Anti-Calvinism Posts.)  

[But before you read, I would challenge any strong Calvinists to do what I did when I was researching this issue: Ask yourself if you really want to know the truth, even if it means finding out you've been wrong all this time.  Take the time to really consider if you are willing to find out you might be wrong, or if there's any pride in you that would prevent you from letting God open your eyes to the truth.  

If you are not willing to find out you might be wrong - if you are bristling at this idea and already coming up with all sorts of arguments to "prove" you are right - then there's no point in reading anything I write because you are already set in your views and your pride.  But if you are willing to see the truth whatever the cost, then ask God in prayer to open your eyes to His truth, even if it means showing you that you are wrong.

It's amazing how much sense Scripture makes and how consistent the Bible is and how consistent God's character is when you get rid of Calvinism and predestination.]

Here are my posts on this issue, in order:

And these are the four really big posts that I got all of the above posts from:

Here are a bunch more posts I wrote:

Some satire (I love this site):
Calvinist Researchers Complete Development Of Elect Detector

Calvinist Health Insurance Company Declares All Conditions Pre-Existing

Calvinist Church Adds Taylor Swift's "Look What You Made Me Do" To Worship Rotation

Calvinist Comes Forward During Altar Call To Correct Pastor's Theology

Calvinist Dog Corrects Owner: "No One Is A Good Boy"

Calvinist Utterly Paralyzed By Number Of Choices on Coca-Cola Freestyle Machine

Calvinist Hymnal Released

Local Calvinist Suspicious Of Any Sermon Mentioning God's Love

Unconfirmed: Calvinist Laughs At Joke

San Diego Zoo Opens Cage-Stage Calvinist Exhibit To Public

FDA Approves Ritalin To Treat Hyper-Calvinism

Santa Claus Converts To Calvinism, Moves Everybody To Naughty List

Man Casually Mentions He "Chose Jesus," Calvinist Pops Out Of Nowhere To Argue With Him

Local Calvinist's Sense Of Superiority Visible From Space

New Calvinist "Choose You Own Adventure Book" Lets You Choose From One Possible Ending

And for Fun.  Here are some anti-Calvinism memes that made me giggle.  (I always provide links instead of embedding other people's things into my posts because embedding them is when you start running into copyright issues, from what I understand.  So linking is safer.  I will repost these in smaller lists later on the blog.):

Here are my posts that contain most of the memes I've made:
And here are memes from other people:

That Face You Make ...

... Everything That Happens ...

Calvinist Jesus ...

That Face You Make... Lost Souls

How Dare You ...

You Say ....

Injustice ...

... No Free Will ...

... Says One Thing ...

I'm Sorry, Sally ...

... Nineveh ...

... "Elect" ... 

... Makes Perfect Sense ... 

... Stop Hitting Yourself ...

It's comforting to know I'm not the only one who sees things the way I do, who believes that when Jesus said He died for all, He means He died for all.  Calvinists can be so forceful and vocal and manipulative and condescending that you can begin to feel like there's something wrong with you - like you're a "bad Christian," a "stupid Christian" - for not agreeing with them.  But take heart!  You're not alone.  I'll be bad and stupid with you!  :) 

And keep digging for the Truth of what the Bible says.  When you finally do understand what it really says, it all makes sense.  Unlike predestination.

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