The Volcano Blew!

Well ... I knew this day was coming.  The day the volcano blew!  (Explained briefly in more detail in this post under Bad Logic #2, look for "Added 11/16/19".)  And so I think I'll be taking some time off from writing, maybe just adding a few small posts here and there.  I like that the last post I wrote was the link to the article on Tom Hanks.  It's a good one to end on for awhile.  It just makes you feel good.  I'm not sure when I'll get back to writing, but I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season.  Take care and God bless!

(Thank you to Tim from Trader Joe's, for holding me while I sobbed uncontrollably in the check-out line, pouring my pain out to you.  Your kindness and emotional support during my breakdown probably saved me from another panic attack.  Thank you!)

Several great sermons from Tony Evans to end on, just because I need them:
When You Feel Like Giving Up

A few songs that help keep my faith up:

I AM by Crowder (One of my favorite scenes in this song is at the 2:34 minute mark, when one of the disciples is laying on the floor crying, reaching out to a battered Jesus who is laying near him.  Oh, how I've felt that way so many times these past years, especially now.  Life has repeatedly beaten me down, and I'm laying on the floor crying, doing the only thing I can do - reaching out for the Lord who is nearby during the painful trials, just hoping and praying to be able to touch Him with just the tip of my finger to feel His presence and know that He is there.  Reaching out for the Lord while you're in pain - sometimes that's all you can do.  And sometimes that has to be enough.)

Oh, What Love by The City Harmonic  (One of my all-time favorite songs!  Always makes me cry.)

We Believe by Newsboys  (Such great truths that need to be remembered, especially in the hard times.  It's critical to remember that the Bible's Truths trump our feelings.  That the Bible's Truths will outlast our feelings.  Someday He's coming back again, and He will right all wrongs, make all bad things beautiful, and heal all hurts.  And that's the truth I cling to!)

Hallelujah Christmas by Cloverton (Great any time of the year!)

Burn The Ships by For King and Country  (There will come a day when it's time to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, put the past behind you, and move forward.  Someday, for all of us, there will come a day to "burn the ships.")

In The Sky and I Wish We'd All Been Ready  (I am so longing for this day!  Waiting for the Lord's return.  It's what helps keep me going.)

(You can find more great songs in this post: My "When Anxiety Strikes" Playlist

And lastly, I just want to highlight a blog that I find so touching, so real and raw: Our Healing Moments.  This is a woman who has been to incredible depths of pain and heartache, who wrestles with God on very deep levels, and yet who still chooses to cling to Him, even when life hurts badly and God doesn't make sense.  I understand where she's coming from, and I can relate to it so much.  Thank you, Rina, for your beautiful heart and artwork, and for your bold, transparent honesty about your painful struggles.  Thank you for letting us see how you walk by faith, moment by moment, through a very painful life.  It makes me feel less alone in my struggles and heartache.

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