If someone protests the police ...

Regarding this up-and-coming generation's fascination with protesting the police, my suggesting is ...

If someone is going to protest the police, then they should NOT be allowed to call on the police for help if ever they find themselves the victim of a crime!

If you protest the police and then someone breaks into your home, don't call the cops for help.  If someone mugs you in an alley, deal with it yourself.  If someone crashes into your car while you're driving, you're on your own.

If you are going to trash those who are trying to help us, then you shouldn't be allowed to call on them for help.

You know what really gets me?

Do people not realize that the more they protest the police and lash out against the police and vilify the police, the less people there are who will want to become police?  And the less police there are, the more criminal activity there will be.  Because there will be less police to fight it and because these protesters are stirring up major disrespect for authority and for laws.

And so who should we blame when crime is running rampant but there's no one to fight it?

That's right ... these protestors.

I'm not saying that all cops are good cops or that cops are perfect.  And I'm not saying we shouldn't protest against police actions that are truly wrong.  But I am saying that we need to stand up against this generalized attitude of lawlessness and rebellion and disrespect being spread by people like those protesting police just for the sake of protesting.  We need to fight for the respect of police, for our men and women in uniform.  Before we find ourselves in a country where the protestors have become the dangerous ones and where crime is growing but there's no one to call on for help.

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