Prayer Request for My Neighbor's Salvation

On my blogs, I'm asking if you'll all say a quick prayer for my neighbor, G.  Because of all this coronavirus stuff, she's starting to see certain "end times signs" materialize, and it's making her wonder if the Bible might actually be true.  She has been open to hearing about Jesus, and we were able to have some of the first conversations ever about faith and Jesus and the Bible, standing in our yards six feet apart, of course.  And I gave her some books to read to help her understand better.

Pray that God continues to put the Gospel in her and her husband's (D.) path throughout the day and night, in various ways, that they can see and understand the truth of the Gospel and God's offer of forgiveness and eternal life through faith in Jesus and that it's the only way to be saved.  Pray that God sends heavenly angels to keep evil from interfering so that they are not blinded by the enemy's lies and distractions.  Pray that they sense God's presence and His overwhelming love for them, that they realize that He is really real and that He wants a relationship with them because He loves them.  And pray that they understand that salvation doesn't "just happen" to us, that God doesn't make our decision for us, and that we don't get to heaven by accident or default or just for being a "good person."  Pray that they realize - and soon - that they have to make the decision for themselves, that they have a responsibility to respond to God's calls, to choose to believe and to have faith in Jesus, to reach out and accept the forgiveness and salvation He offers if they want eternal life.  Thank you.

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