Big Shocker: Liberal Elites Trying to Stop Those Who Oppose The Covid Vaccine!

See this link: "Liberal Elites Trying To Stop Organic Covid-19 Opposition Groups From Growing As Distrust Of The American Media Reaching All-Time High".

And also read the comments to Bill Gates' Tweet here.  (Click on "view more replies" to see them all.)  Interesting stuff!  (And I love the sentence about how the guy who wants to reduce the human population - Bill Gates - is the same one who wants to "save" us with a vaccine.  Very insightful!  And it should make everyone pause and think!)

I have distrusted the mainstream media for a long, long time, seeing as how biased they are politically, and who they are "in bed" with, and which information they allow us to see, and how they spin their articles, and which news stories they choose to report and which to hide, etc..  But it's only been recently, since Trump was elected, that their phony "unbiased, just reporting the news" mask has come off.  And now they don't even try to hide their manipulative, biased views anymore.

And so I am glad that others are starting to see them for the manipulative, news-making/filtering/controlling (not news "reporting") brain-washers they really are.  And to see the dangerous connections between them, strong leftists, big business, pharmaceutical companies, and globalists, etc.

And add to that the government overreach we are seeing in various states and the censorship that's happening on social media platforms of anyone who believes differently than the mainstream media and their best friends ... well, it's no wonder people are pushing back!

Take the red pill, people!  Wake up!  The media and the people behind it and connected to it are not what they seem or what they want you to believe!

[Also see my posts "Two Amusing Articles on the Media" and "A Coronavirus Plandemic? A 26-minute video you need to see".  If you don't think the media is biased, just notice in any articles you read how they respond to this "Plandemic" video and this doctor.  (I'll leave it to you to search out the articles.)  Notice the manipulative, loaded,  inflammatory words they use, how they shame people who oppose the vaccine and who disagree with the mainstream left-ist views on all this, accusing them of being suckered into believing "conspiracy theories."

I mean, just look at what the Washington Post said in the first link at the top of this post: saying that those who resist the vaccine are opposing the "experts" who know the vaccine is the "surest way" for us to get back to normal, that the resisters are on the "political fringe" and have "baseless claims" against the vaccine and "spread misinformation" and spout "debunked theories about the dangers of vaccines" and have "pushed conspiracy theories."  The article says that "misinformation about vaccines is still rampant," which is apparently code for "Anyone who disagrees with vaccines is an ignorant fool!"  And this is just what's in the little part of the article in the link at the top.  This kind of wording should tell you a lot about the views of the author and the newspaper.  These aren't news articles; they are opinion pieces!  Manipulative opinion pieces!  Pay attention to the words they use and the biases they write into their stories, and you'll see how they are trying to manipulate you.  And if you see them trying to manipulate you, then you can be assured that they are not giving it to you straight.  (And it should make you wonder, "Why are they so supportive of and invested in this vaccine, to the point that they have to strong-arm people into agreeing with them and shame those who disagree?")

In fact, I have recently seen several articles discussing what kind of person believes "conspiracy theories," and it's clearly meant to discredit and denigrate those who don't buy into what the lefti-ist media wants them to believe.  I guess if they can't fool you, then they will simply attack you.  Shameful!  And definitely not professional journalism!  I believe they filter and shape the information you get to get you to believe what they want, because they do not trust the average American person to be smart enough to think for themselves!]

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