"My Corona Blend": An Essential Oil Blend for Diffusers

(Great, now I'll be singing "My Sharona" all day!)

This is an essential oil blend I made to put in our diffusers at night while we are facing this coronavirus pandemic.  I picked oils that are known for their powerful anti-viral properties, that are good against colds/flu/fever/infectious diseases, that are good for lung/respiratory health, and that help stimulate the immune system.  (I call it "My Corona Blend" for my own reference, but I make no promises about its ability to defeat the Coronavirus.)

The smell of oregano and thyme really come through in this.  It smells a bit strong, but pleasant, like a lemon thyme herb plant.  If you want a less oregano/thyme smell, add about half of both of those oils.

(Check out safety recommendations for each essential oil to see if they are safe in a diffuser for your family, depending on the age of everyone in your house and whether they have compromised immune systems or not.  And then adjust accordingly, as you feel is safest.  My youngest is over 10 years old and we are all healthy, so I am confident the blend I made is safe for my family.  Also see "My Basic Safety Rules for Essential Oils".)

"My Corona Blend" for diffusers:
In a small glass drip-bottle (10 ml), mix these essential oils ...

100 drops Lemon 
90 drops Lavender 
30 drops each: Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Oregano, Thyme
30 drops Lemongrass or Melissa (Lemon Balm) ... (or if you have neither of those, try Orange, Lime or Grapefruit)
Optional: 10-15 drops Peppermint 

In each diffuser, add about 2-6 drops of this blend, depending on how strong you like it.

Why I chose each oil:
(This is according to research I compiled in my list of essential oils and their uses.  But once again, there are no promises.  And this isn't medical advice, just my own opinion based on what I've read.  You are responsible for researching these oils for yourself and judging if they are safe for your family.)

Lemon: good for boosting your immune system and fighting against infections, colds, and flu; and it smells great

Lavender: one of the best and safest all-purpose oils; good for fighting colds, flu, inflammation, viruses, and infections; aids in healing

Eucalyptus: good against infections, colds, flu, fever, poor circulation, infectious diseases, viruses, and chest congestion; good for your sinuses

Tea Tree: another one of the best and safest all-purpose oils; good against inflammation, infections, colds, flu, cough, and viruses; good for sinuses; stimulates the immune system

Oregano: good against colds, flu, viruses, inflammation, and chest congestion (loosens mucus build-up in sinuses and respiratory tracts)

Thyme: good against inflammation, viruses, infections, colds, flu, cough, chest congestion, and bronchitis/pneumonia; boosts immune system

Lemongrass: good against infections, colds, flu, poor circulation, infectious diseases, and viruses; one of my favorite smells

Melissa: good against viruses, inflammation, coughs, colds, and flu; smells good

Peppermint: good against colds, flu, fever, inflammation, chest congestion, and viruses, helps your sinuses

Orange: good against colds, flu, and congestion

Lime: good against poor circulation, fever, and infectious diseases

Grapefruit: good against colds and flu

[Update: I was listening to a seminar today on the coronavirus, and the speaker said that eating clove, ginger, and thyme is good for fighting viruses in general.  So I thought, "Why not add a little of those essential oils to the diffuser?"  (Just a little, because those are strong oils.)  So I added them to a blend that I already make for basic, every-night use.  And it doesn't smell bad at all, kinda warm and pleasant.  Here it is (but you can always start with less of the oils and just add drops till you find the strength and blend you like):

120 drops Tea Tree 
120 drops Lavender (I use these first two as a base because they are so versatile and safe)
30 drops Lemon
30 drops Peppermint
10 drops Eucalyptus
10 drops Lemongrass
6 drops Thyme
6 drops Clove
6 drops Ginger

Store this in a glass drip bottle.  Then just add 2-6 drops per diffuser.]

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