The Media Is To Blame For So Much!

This is basically exactly what I said about the media too.  So much truth here:

It's Official: The Liberal Left Has Now Openly Declared War On Christianity

In so many ways, the media (and social media) has caused and fed the social problems we are seeing nowadays in our country.  Shame on them!  (The whole Covington School thing makes me sad.  That 16-year-old boy did nothing wrong and has nothing to apologize for, and yet he's being trashed in the media and has to deal with the mess the media has made in front of the whole country.  Shame on all you media people who, before you had the whole story, twisted everything to make a sensationalized story for your own twisted purposes!)

If the media just shut up about so much - stopped trashing the people they want to trash, stopped reporting the stories that highlight the things they want to highlight, stopped manipulating people into thinking and feeling the way they want them to, stopped highlighting all the stupid "outrage" stories out there about all the stupid things people get stupidly overly worked-up about - things would be so much different in our country.  We would all feel a little better about each other.

The media is to blame for so much!  And we are to blame for letting them manipulate us, for listening to their nonsense!  They are less about reporting news, and more about creating news and using news for their purposes.

I have very little respect for the media nowadays because they media has shown their true colors.  They like to think they are so unbiased and professional!  NONSENSE!  They have agendas and biases, and they write sensationalized stories to manipulate the masses.

Way to go, media!  For causing the trouble you then get to report on!  Keeping yourself in business.  Job security.  You're geniuses!

Here is a post I wrote about the media's bad influence a few year ago:

Racism in America Again?  Thank You, Media!

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