The Adults Ought To Be Prosecuted!

I'm sure you've already heard of him - the 11-year-old boy who is known and celebrated for dressing in drag.  Recently, he's been featured on news programs and recently been found dancing in a gay bar.

This is horrifying!  

And I think any adult or TV station who promotes this child for his hyper-sexualized cross-dressing ought to be prosecuted.  They should be slapped with "child endangerment" or "child pornography" charges for over-sexualizing a child, especially as he danced for grown homosexual men at a gay bar while they threw money at him.  

How dare our country say it's all concerned with fighting against child trafficking and child pornography ... while basically pushing another child into it!

Ask yourself this:  What if he was an 11-year-old girl, dressing up in over-sexualized clothes, dancing for grown men in a bar?  Would we allow that?  Or would we call it "child abuse"?

But because this is a boy dressing in drag, it's somehow okay!?! 

A child sacrifice to the LBGTQ-gods!  The golden calf we are all being forced to worship!

Any media source or person or gay bar that encourages this child, that places him out there for grown men to admire, that encourages him to get more and more involved with that kind of world, ought to be ashamed of themselves.  And they ought to be prosecuted for putting him at risk.

He is just a child!  And sadly, instead of being allowed to be a young, carefree, innocent child, he is trying to please adults, to become what they want him to be.  He is growing up way too fast, all because society is encouraging him to.

What is wrong with the media sources who celebrate and encourage the hyper-sexualization of this child!?!  

And what is wrong with his parents, that they would allow him to dance for the pleasure of grown men!?!

(Oh, wait, I just read that they are unemployed.  Seems like they are more than willing to encourage his behavior because then they don't have to find jobs - trading in their son's innocence and putting him at risk for money!  Shame, shame on them!) 

This child is a pawn in the efforts of the LGBTQ-community to normalize their behavior, push their agendas, and celebrate their lifestyles!

Those parents, those grown men throwing money, those media sources who celebrate and over-sexualize him will bear part of the blame if that boy - that 11-year-old boy - ends up abused in a dark alley somewhere!  For they helped make him what he is!

Can you get any lower that that!?!  (And don't kid yourself ... you are not "celebrating him for who he is."  You are helping turn him into something a young child should never be, destroying his innocence and putting him at risk.)

This ought to make any decent person, any loving parent, sick to their stomach!  And maybe it's time we demand that action be taken to stop this, to prosecute those who are exploiting children in this way!

Encourage children to be children, not to be sexual fantasies for grown gay men!  Protect a child's innocence, instead of enticing them into debauchery and hyper-sexualization!

Goodness this makes me mad!  And if you have any conscience at all, it should make you mad too!

And for another very disturbing one:

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