Calvinist (Bad Logic) Comment #10: God Simply "Passed Over" The Non-Elect

10.  Lastly, here is a common way that Calvinists spin the idea of "predestination" to make it sound good…

A Calvinist says:  "Because of His Love to the elect and Mercy extended to the Gentiles, He picked out some for Himself while passing [over] the rest.”

My reply:
Totally misleading!  Calvi-god did not “pass over the rest.”  He created them specifically so he could hate them and send them to hell.  That’s not “passing over them.”

And that’s not a “loving and merciful God.”

That’s a monster!  That’s a psychopathic lunatic who walks up to someone at a park, says “I am claiming you for my own because I love you so much” and then he runs around slaughtering everyone else around them, and then he tells the “chosen” person, “See how much I love you and how merciful I am to you. I spared you when I could have destroyed you too.”

Any logical, rational person would call that a “dangerous psychopathic lunatic.”

But Calvinists call him “God.” A “loving, merciful, just God.”

And worse yet is that Calvi-god doesn’t just slaughter those people, he makes them specifically so that he can slaughter them.  He causes them to be the unbelieving sinners they are just so he can put them in hell, punishing them for the things he causes.

I've said this before, but I shudder to think of how Calvinists will feel when they stand before God, trying to explain their tragically incorrect theology and the horrible misrepresentation they spread of God and His truth!

A fellow anti-Calvinist (TS00) gave this reply:
"How can anyone refrain from laughing out loud at a definition of grace that says ‘I will save you from the horrible fate I alone dreamed up’?  Hello?  God ‘graciously’ saves a select few from an unthinkable hell, after first cursing them with a ‘sin nature’ that prevents them from doing anything but sin?

‘Gee, thanks, Calvi-god, for saving me from the monster that you are and the monster you made me be.  Too bad about the others, eh?  Somebody has to burn, just glad it’s not me.’

Yes, I do and will always call your [Calvinism's] false and blasphemous characterization of God as monstrous, narcissistic, egotistical, tyrannical and evil.  Heather’s frightening picture of the psychopathic killer is not at all farfetched as a description of Calvi-god.  It is he alone who determines whatsoever comes to pass, then exhibits a violent, murderous wrath against those helpless puppets who simply do as he ordained them to do in some eternity past.  He chose to make all mankind sinful.  He randomly selected a few to rescue from himself, then acts as if his anger against the other helpless God-created ‘sinners’ is justifiable, glorifying even.

I do not hesitate to declare loudly that I see no glory in such a monster.  Nor to state that I see no such monster taught in the written word or exhibited in the life of The Living Word.  If Calvinists look forward to hanging out for eternity with the psychopath they have manufactured, I don’t even want to think about what that says about them.

And another non/anti-Calvinist, Graceadict, comments:
Calvinist terminology hides at least as much as it reveals.  We must be ready to unmask what is being hidden by their statements.  What they hide is more revealing than almost everything they say.

The Calvinist tries to paint a picture of their Calvi-god being loving, kind and compassionate when it is not the case from what they actually believe about their Calvi-god.  They make it sound like the Calvi-god is just passing through the Universe and just happens to come upon a community of poor miserable creatures who have nothing good about them, plus they are all drowning without hope … and then their Calvi-god, who is just passing by, decides out of his kindness to pluck some of those miserable souls from the ocean that would certainly destroy all of them.  The Calvi-god who was just passing by is sooo good he saved some of them.  He didn’t need to save any but he saved some for his Glory.  Isn’t he Good?

That is the picture that they try to leave the unsuspecting with … BUT we know better.  And Heather, you hit the nail on the head saying: “Totally misleading!  Calvi-god did not “pass over the rest.”  He created them specifically so he could hate them and send them to hell.  That’s not “passing over them.””

Well said, TS00 and Graceadict!

My goal in writing this series is to open your eyes to the ways Calvinists hide what they really mean, how they manipulate you and strong-arm you into “agreeing” with them, and how they trap you in their twisted, philosophical paradigm.

Calvinism survives on trapping unsuspecting people who don’t know what they’re really teaching.  But the more you can recognize the hidden traps, the more you can avoid them.  

[But please understand that I don't think the average Calvinist is maliciously, deliberately trying to trick and trap people.  I think they themselves are trapped, and they think they are being faithful Christians to share the "truth" as they've been taught by dogmatic Calvinists.  It's just that they themselves don't even know enough about Calvinism and/or the Bible to see how wrong it is.  They aren't digging deep enough to uncover the errors.  Remember to BE A BEREAN!

Acts 17:11"Now the Berean Jews were of more noble character than those in Thessalonica, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day [for themselves] to see if what Paul said was true."]

And this brings us to the end of this "Calvinist Bad Logic Series."  And I only touched on some of it.  (And once again, check out Why Are Calvinists Afraid To Answer Simple, Straightforward Questions?, if you haven't already.)

(For all the posts in this series, see the "Intro ..."  Or look for "'Calvinist Bad Logic' Series" in the labels on the side-bar.  Or find the whole series in one post, "When Calvinism's 'Bad Logic ' Traps Good Christians.")

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