Some Carman Songs for Halloween

Yes, these are older songs and a bit campy, but they are fun and full of truth.  And they're blasts from the past for me, taking me back to my youth!  (I didn't mean to make it rhyme.)  

Satan, Bite The Dust - I wouldn't go around challenging Satan, but Carman's making a good, important point here about the power of God compared to the power of the devil.

God's Got An Army - with a little Narnia thrown into this video

Revival in the land  - Are you on your knees in prayer for our country? 

The Courtroom - I just watched this one for the first time.  Interesting.

The Champion - this will always be one of his best!

Radically Saved (Live) - the whole hour-plus show.  This is one of the first albums I got of his.  And it's still one of my favorites.

Radically Saved - just the song

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