Way To Go, Feminists! Another Loss For Women!

So a biological male won the Women's World Cycling Championship because he is now a she, competing as a trans-women against biological women.

Let's see ... someone is born a male, has the body and strength of a male, and competes against women who have the body and strength of women ... 

And just who do you think is going to win this one?


How is that fair to the real women who competed, who trained for years to get into top condition!?!  

Progressive feminists who stand up for the rights of trans-gender women (men who become women) are severely setting back real women.  They are destroying the chances of real women to win the women's competitions.  

Why should women keep competing in women's competitions if the odds are clearly and unfairly in favor of men in women's clothing?  

What about when a job is supposed to go to a woman but goes to a trans-woman instead?  Isn't that just giving the job to a man?  What's to stop men from using trans-genderism as an excuse to bump women out of every job, award, position, etc.?  How long until all women's awards and jobs go to men trans-gender women?

Honestly, this article is what you feminists get!  It's what you brought on!  Women are being bumped out of awards they deserve because you've fought for the rights of men to decide they want to be women whenever they feel like it!

You cannot support certain trans-gender rights and women's rights at the same time!  Because once you claim that men can be women anytime they feel like it - once you erase the dividing line between men and women - you are no longer standing up for women or protecting women.

When everyone's a woman, no one's a woman!

Way to go, Feminists!  You are doing more damage to women's rights and progress than anyone ever has!  Hope you're happy with yourselves ... especially when it's your daughter or sister or mother who loses her place to a man disguised as a woman!

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