A Question for Atheists

Atheists often ask "How could you believe in a God that would allow so many bad things and so much suffering?"

My answer:  "How could you not believe in God when this life is so full of bad things and suffering?  If you don't believe in God, then all you have are the bad things and the suffering, with an ending of nothingness.  You have no hope that Someone is watching over everything, that He will help you through it all, that He will eventually fix all the broken things, dish out ultimate justice, wipe away all the tears, and make all bad things good again?"  

I'd rather have a hard life with God by my side and with hope that 'the best is yet to come' ... than have a hard life without God and with no hope of things ever being better.

(And they call Christians "crazy" for believing.  I think it's more insane - and discouraging and hopeless and irrational - to not believe.)

[Click here for Why We All Want There To Be A God.]

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