Some Interesting News Items

See, I'm not the only one who thinks so:
Megachurch Pastor Says Yoga Has "Demonic Roots," "Diametrically Opposed To Christianity" 

You've got to be kidding me!?!  How wretchedly evil to say that any baby deserves to "be a choice" ... that any child deserves the chance to have their life snubbed out before they are born:
Pro-Lifers Aghast at Pro-Abortion Ad Arguing Live Baby Girl "Should Be A Choice"
(How evil does someone have to be to come up with that idea!?!  Who else would they say "deserves" to be snuffed out!?!)

We all saw this coming:
The Man Who Wants The Courts to Make Him 20 Years Younger
See what chaos and confusion the LGBTQ-community is causing.  When reality is a choice then anything goes.  

This one brings up an interesting dilemma:
Pastor Under Fire for Booting Male Member Who Dressed Like a Woman For Church Service
At what point should church leaders and Christians say, "Enough is enough" when a member is repeatedly rebelling?  How do we balance being welcoming and loving with standing up for the truth about sin?  How do we stand for truth in a world that thinks truth doesn't exist?  (And how many people really don't understand the purpose and responsibility of church and what Jesus came to do?)

So the girls get what they want by being allowed to join the Boy Scouts ... but then they turn around and sue the Boy Scouts for allowing girls in.  SAY WHAT!?!  Not too mention that just a few years ago the Girl Scouts were letting boys in.  What kind of nonsense is going on here?  You get what you want ... to join all the boys' clubs ... and then you sue them for it!?!  I'm confused! 

So, we've got "ministers" who don't believe in God, who believe pornography is okay as long as it's ethically-sourced (what the heck is that about!?!), who say that Jesus was talking about social justice issues (i.e. getting access to birth control) when He said He came to give us an abundant life, and who claim Christians can be witches.  And there are church leaders promoting Eastern Mysticism (yoga).  (Notice how the "ministers" in these stories are women.  I guess once you toss out the Bible's guideline about having men as head pastors, it makes it a lot easier to toss out anything else you don't like.  Here's my take on women as pastors.)  What has happened to the Church?   

Surely, the end times are almost upon us!  If not, then God help those of us who choose to be faithful to the Word.  In this "anything goes" culture, we are going to need help being discerning and taking a stand for truth.

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