Say a Prayer for California

So, so sad ... the fires in California.  All the death and destruction.  Listening to and watching this woman try to escape the fires really hits you in the heart:

Here's a clip from Inside Edition.  And another person's journey through the fire.

And here's a video of an awesome dad who kept his cool for his daughter as they fled the fires.  Oh my goodness, I love this dad!  And I find it amazing that even with all the chaos and disaster around him, he still puts on his blinker to turn into the next lane.  This is one incredible father!  (Start at the 2:27 mark, because the first half is the previous video of the woman fleeing.) 

There might not be much else you can do to help those in need, but you can pray.  Say a prayer for them.  Reach out and help.  Be kind to your neighbors.  We need each other.    

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