Two Amusing Articles On The Media

I have long been bothered by the totally-biased coverage of the media and Hollywood (particularly against Christians, but also against conservative values).  

In general, I think the media is a joke.  It lacks integrity and can't be trusted.  It reports what it wants people to believe and it over-emphasizes the conflicts it wants to report on, creating more conflict so that it then can report more of it.  

I think in so many areas, it starts and fuels the flames of the fires it then reports.  

Basically, they find a tiny, hot ember somewhere ... then they add fuel to the fire until it's raging out of control ... and then they report the fire like, "Oh my gosh, look!  It's a fire!"

Well ... duh!  It's because you wrote all the biased articles and drew the attention of millions of people to the things you wanted to highlight.  You swayed the opinion of everyone with your slanted writing.

I barely read the news anymore because I can't trust it.  Their over-reactive, anti-Christian, hard-left-leaning bias overshadows any legitimacy.

Anyway, I am interrupting my series on the End Times to share a few articles that I find amusing, if just for the fact that they call the media out on the very things that bother me, too.

1.  This is one I just found which highlights the totally unprofessional, biased nature of the media, showing how it's really more about pushing their own ideologies than about reporting news:

2.  And this is an old one, back from just after Trump's election.  But I was absolutely delighted when I read it because this author so clearly nailed the biased attitude of the media - the attitude they probably thought they professionally hid but which many of us could clearly see.  And I think it's worth bringing it up again - because I don't think the media ever learned their lesson after the election.  If anyone needs to read this commentary, it's the press.

You know what?

I was tickled pink the night Trump won - not so much for the fact that he won but because of the immense fun I had watching the faces of the reporters.  They went from confident and smug ... to stunned and disturbed.  All while on the air in a matter of hours. 

They just couldn't contain their biased-ness.  And they didn't even try!

I never had so much in my life - watching these reporters and celebrities realize that they weren't as smart and influential and controlling as they thought they were.  I giggled all through the election-night coverage as their faces fell in shock while they said things like, "I can't believe it.  How did this happen?"  

I even wrote a post on it, on their reaction after the election - how their biased-ness affected their feelings which then affected their post-election reporting which then affected the tone of the country.  It caused the very problems that they then reported.  

And they think they're so neutral and professional! 

It's as if they wanted to cause more trouble and make the people madder and divide the country more - all because they didn't get their way!

I think a lot of the tumult we are seeing in society and the media right now is not because of Trump or anything like that ... but because the people who have gotten used to getting their way stopped getting their way when Trump was elected.  

They got so used to everything going their way - fueled by celebrities and a media that agreed with them and told them the things they wanted to hear - that they forgot that not everyone sees things the way they do.  They forgot that not everyone thinks the way they do.  They got far too prideful in their minds, bloated with self-importance and intellectual-smugness, as though they are the only ones with a brain and values and morals.

And it all came crashing down when Trump was elected.  They were shocked into reality, into realizing that they can't always get what they want and that it's not always about them.  

And this angered them so much that they had mega-hissy-fits - marching and destroying things and beating up Trump-supporters and screaming at the sky and boycotting everything and destroying the reputation of anyone who seemed to support or associate with Trump, etc.  

I even saw a picture once comparing the peaceful, empty streets after Obama was elected to the streets full of angry marchers after Trump was elected.  And the message was that everyone was peaceful when Obama was elected but that Trump's election caused lots of trouble and anger.  

Umm ... no!  It doesn't mean that everyone was cool with Obama but upset about Trump.  It shows that those who didn't support Obama took the upset peacefully and gracefully, while those who didn't support Trump threw great, big, cry-baby, temper tantrums when they didn't get their way.    

Where's the tolerance, now!?!  

They are not as loving and tolerant and peaceful as they think.  They are only loving and tolerant and peaceful when they get their way.  And I think this election unveiled the ugliness that's really inside them.  (And let's face it: It's unveiled the ugliness in everyone.  On all sides.)  

And now they have to take their turn not getting their way.  They have to learn to "share" the country.  

And they're not handling it well!

I still giggle when I think of watching the news on election night!  Some of the most fun I've had in years!

[And yes, I was also delighted on election night simply for the fact that he won.  It wasn't so much that I wanted him personally to win, but I really, really didn't want Clinton.  And I agreed more with Trump's stance on certain areas.  And I really, really wanted to see what a non-career-politician could do in office.  I believed - and still do - that Trump was the only one with the guts to do what needed to get done, that he would take stands that no one else had the guts to take.  Because he wasn't looking out for his political career.  He had no political career to protect.

I remember being so upset at the thought that Hillary was going to win that I had trouble sleeping for weeks before the election.  But then two weeks before the election, I woke up in the middle of the night with the same panicked fear that she'd win ... but then I heard a tiny wisp of a voice saying something like "It's him."  And I just knew it meant that Trump would win.  

And so I wasn't really surprised when he did.  Delighted, but not surprised.  I watched the election-night results until midnight when it was almost a sure thing he'd win, giggling as the stunned looks on the reporters' faces got worse and worse ... then I went to bed for a little while ... then I woke up at 4 a.m. and turned the TV on ... and I saw the words "President-elect Trump" ... and I smiled and went back to bed.  So much fun!]     

And I love the satire in these (so much truth in there):

(These just keep getting better and better!)   (I have long thought that Trump could totally harness his power in controlling the behavior and opinions of masses of people.  If he was really in favor of something, all he'd have to do is say he was not in favor of it, and then the people would rush to support the thing he secretly supported.  Or if he wanted to distract from some political move he was making, he could say something silly or confusing so that the people spent days criticizing him or debating what he meant while he quietly made the political changes he wanted to make without anyone noticing.  He could really harness his power of controlling masses of people if he was strategic about it.)

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