Altering God's Word Is Totally Acceptable If It Makes You Happier!

In this article, a Reverend (A woman reverend!  That right there should tell you something!) from the Church of England says that they need to stop calling God "He," that they should always consider what they are communicating when they always refer to God in male terms.

Okay, so let's look at what she's communicating ...

She's communicating that we should override what God has said in His Word whenever we feel like it with messages that are more popular and accepted by society!

Yep ... so much better than listening to what God says!

In fact, I don't see how altering the Word of God could lead to any problems for us!  Not when it makes us so happy! 

(Question:  Does that other Reverend - Sally - understand what "heretical" means?  Oh, I know ... she's just trying to demonstrate it for us, right!?!)

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