Atheists like this ...

Atheists like this ought to be ashamed of themselves!

I mean, seriously, what's wrong with you!?!  

Prohibiting prayer for a sick 4-year-old is about as evil as evil gets!

And people need to stop giving in to these atheists.  Stop letting them get their way.  It's only makes them more powerful!  

People need to stop saying, "Oh, okay, we'll do whatever you want" ... and start telling them, "Yeah, well, you can't always get what you want, Cry-Babies.  So suck it up, stop whining, and learn to deal with it.  Not everything is about what you want, you intolerant monsters!"  (And we need to be praying against their agendas and for their salvation.  God can accomplish things we could never dream of.  And we need to be calling on Him more and more in this increasingly godless society.)

Can you tell I'm a little sick and tired of them crying "foul" about everything, demanding that everyone changes everything just for them, destroying any sense of good old-fashioned decency and morality!?!  

If we don't push back, they're just going to take more and more ground, plunging our society into a bigger godless mess.  (More so than it already is!)

ere's an older post I wrote on a similar kind of thing.)

I know there's going to be Christians who are like, "Oh, no ... you can't be angry like that.  Love, love, love.  It's all about the love.  Love and gentleness.  Gentleness and love.  Love, love, love.  There's no room for anger here.  Jesus was always nice to everybody, letting everyone walk all over Him.  He never fought back!"

Yeah, well, we're going to "love" our country right into hell if we don't start speaking up in some righteous anger.  We're going to slip "gently" into hopeless godlessness, failing to fight back as they strip away our rights to practice our faith, worship our God, and protect our kids from the onslaught of evil.    

When atheists - those who are directly opposed to God, who are working against Him, trying to force godlessness onto people, to reduce Jesus to nothing, to tear eternal hope and healing and salvation away from people, and to bring as many souls into hell with them as possible - are overrunning our country, destroying our Christian rights, ruining our businesses, interfering with our Christmases and national mottos and landmarks, making prayer and Bible-reading illegal, and preventing people from praying for a sick 4-year-old because (gasp!) it happened on school property  ... then, yes, it's time to get angry!  To push back!

If not now ... then when?

(And of course, I'm not saying we should respond to individual atheist people we know in the same way we would respond to big, aggressive, anti-God organizations that are pushing their agendas on society.  In one case, in talking with people we know, gentle and loving and soft-spoken and winsome is often the way to go.  But dealing with big, aggressive, anti-God organizations and agendas requires a whole different tactic.  "Gentle and loving and soft-spoken and winsome" won't cut it in some situations.)

[This right here is the kind of righteous anger I'm talking about!  Come on, Christians ... it's time to stop hiding your head in the sand.  Before we lose the right to practice our faith and protect our children at all!  

Being loving and gentle doesn't mean being weak and wishy-washy!  Jesus was loving and gentle, but He knew when it was time to take a bold stand, to push back, to flip over tables, to be critical of people, and to call it like He sees it!

Jesus wasn't always "nice" ... not if by nice you mean "allowing evil to increase unopposed" or "failing to take a stand for Truth because you don't want to hurt anyone's feelings."  

Sometimes, being "loving and gentle" is just an excuse for "not saying what needs to get said."  And if we're not careful, we'll "gently love" people right into godlessness and hell.

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