Silencing The Transgender Truth?

So there's a study coming out that says that children are swayed into being transgender because of their "transgender" friends.

Actually, I should say that it was going to come out.  But it's being "silenced" so that it doesn't offend or hinder the LGBTQ community.

I find it funny that the LGBTQ community had to silence a study that is simply reporting common sense.

Anyone who knows anything about human behavior knows that people - especially kids - are susceptible to peer pressure.  Anyone who knows anything will know that if we put "transgender" in the news more and more, and if we talk about it more and more in school, and if we normalize it and we tell people there is no gender and we celebrate those who come out as "transgender" and hold them up as some sort of posterchild ... then more and more kids are going to want to become transgender (or begin to think they are transgender).  It's the cool thing to do right now.       

Anyone who knows anything will know we are creating more transgender people than there really are ... because of the influence of society.  And it's so sad ... and scary.  Because how many of these young people are going to pay a long term price for this society-created-and-encouraged "gender dysphoria"?  This just makes me so sick!  

(You know what?  I just saw a headline about a rising model in Norway who wants people to know she's transgender.  My response:  Yeah, well, who isn't nowadays!?!  Everyone wants to be popular, to get some of the spotlight.  And there's almost no quicker way right now than to be transgender or "sexually fluid.")  

Maybe instead of silencing a study that is simply reporting the obvious truth, we should stop telling kids how normal and common and wonderful it is to be transgender.  

Are we really helping them have the best life they can have by throwing them into gender confusion?  By expecting them to be someone else instead of celebrating them for who they really are?  What kind of instability and confusion will this lead them into in the future, in their relationships?  What are we doing to our children!?!

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