Celebrating The Good Men Out There!

I'm so glad to see an article like this one: "Protect Mode: Why Masculinity is Good".  

I am so sick and tired of seeing gender-neutral this and that, of seeing men shamed just for being men, of seeing rabid feminists whine about everything and destroy every good thing about men and women and relationships and marriage and family, etc.

It's about time that we started standing up for the men again.  

And that's why I love this article.  

It highlights what's good about men who act like men, how they step up to protect those they love and care for.  And it encourages us to help boys develop their natural, manly qualities so that they can grow up to be good men, instead of trying to destroy those qualities and turn them into little girls.

Yes, of course, there are bad men out there, just as there are bad women.  But in our frenzy to shame men for being men and to turn everyone into flimsy, wimpy, bland, androgynous, gender-neutral beings, we are destroying everything that we love about our good men.  Their strength.  Their courage.  Their chivalry.  The protective nature.

I, for one, want men to be men.  

I always wanted a dad or older brother I could rely on, one who would look out for me and take care of me.  A man who made me feel safe and secure.  I wouldn't want a wimpy, girly dad.  

And I wouldn't want a wimpy, girly husband, either.  I like that my husband is a man's man.  I want him to be proud and strong and manly (proud in a good way, of course).  I want to know that he can and will take care of me and our family, that we can lean on him and trust him to protect us.  

I want my boys to grow up to be good, strong men.  Confident in who they are and what they are capable of.  I want them to be strong, dependable husbands and fathers.

And I like when men open the door for me.  When they help me carry something.  When they treat me gently and with respect.  

I don't see anything intriguing or attractive about feminized men.  

We just watched Thor Ragnarok last night.  And I gotta say ... that's one fine man.  Chris Hemsworth as Thor.  (I've said it before and I'll say it again.)  

And why do you think he shines onscreen as this character?  What is it we love about him?

It's his strength.  His bravery.  His manliness.  He is a man who acts like a man.

Would we love Thor as much if he were a gentle, overly-feminine, metrosexual male who plucked his eyebrows, got manicures, and ran to hide behind some statue when evil approached?  If he wore a skirt and pantyhose?  How about if he said he "felt like a woman" and wanted to be called "Tiffany"?  

Would we want to rely on a man like that?  Would we trust a man like that to protect us?  A man who didn't even know who he was?  Who didn't own up to his own man-ness?  Who didn't embrace his own strength and courage?

No, we wouldn't.  We would shake our heads in embarrassment for him while thinking What a shame!  So much unused manly potential!  

And yet, ironically, what would we be saying?  

"Oh, that's ok.  It's totally cool to be gender-neutral, and you're totally fine just the way you are."  

(Because that's what society does.  I think most people who celebrate this nonsense do so because they feel pressured to support it ... but on the inside they are shaking their heads and think it's ridiculous.)  

I don't want to see the differences between men and women erased.  I don't want wimpy, feminine men.  I love good men as they are, for the good men they are.  

[And you know what I think is the most attractive quality in a man?  

When a man is totally in love with his wife.  When he is loyal and devoted and committed to her.  When he cherishes her and treats her with loving respect.  Nothing is sexier than that!  Except of course being a godly man who loves his wife.  Even better!]

I think we had better start celebrating and encouraging the good men out there ... before we lose all of our good, strong, heroic men!

Man up, men!  We need you!  We love you!    

And sit down and shut up, you rabid feminists!  You are doing way more harm than good, shoving a bunch of lies on everyone and shaming them into being who you want them to be!  

(Feminism used to be about fighting against the oppressive bully.  But now feminists have become the oppressive bully.  And their reign of terror needs to be stopped.)

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