For All The Young American Socialists:

For all those young, budding socialists in America, who seem to want socialism despite the fact that it's destroyed almost every other nation who embraces it, here's a cautionary tale about what it really is:

France Reaps Decades Of Socialism And Open Borders

France's Welfare State in Meltdown Mode...

Yes, the idea of free stuff for everyone, shared resources, and allowing everyone and anyone into the country sounds nice and sweet and loving and open-minded.  I think most of us want the best for everyone.  We would love to see everyone getting along, having all their needs met, living the "good life."  

But it's not an issue of what we want to see happen; it's an issue of what works.  And in the end, socialism just doesn't work.  It is self-sabotaging.  (I am not referring specifically to France in what I say here, just using that article as an example of what socialism leads to.)   

Think about it: 

If everything you worked for was taken away and divided up among others, among those who don't or won't work as hard as you ... how long do you think it would be before you despaired?  Before your realized things couldn't keep going on like that?  Before you decided there was no point in continuing to work so hard if everyone else got to benefit from your hard work without doing their fair share?

And what if your home had no locks or doors to keep people out, so that anyone could come in and live in one of your rooms and use your stuff anytime they wanted, without having to do anything in return or abide by your house rules or take care of your stuff?  How long till you realized that it wasn't going to work?  That it was destroying your well-functioning home and life?  That you couldn't give everyone everything they wanted - total, free access to your home and possessions - without sabotaging your life in the process? 

You see, while you have committed to being a good, law-abiding, pay-into-the-system citizen, others get to sneak in from other countries, reaping the benefits of being in America while not abiding by our laws, not committing to the welfare of our country, not contributing the way legal citizens do, and not upholding the laws and values we believe in (instead they actually seek to change our laws and values to benefit them, to match the laws and values they brought in).  

How long until this destroys us?  How long until we degrade into a schizophrenic, chaotic, hopeless, helpless mess?  All because we didn't protect our way of life, our values, our laws and our functioning system.

Yes, it's wonderful to be so open-armed, so "let's just give everyone everything they need or want, regardless of what they contribute" ... but it won't work for long.  By its very nature, it can't work for long.  It will only destroy the good thing we've got going.  After all, why not just stop working so hard if we all just get the same amount of stuff in the end anyway?  Why be a good, law-abiding citizen if non-law-abiding citizens get the same treatment and rewards we do?

Yes, there are things that can be done, changes that can be made, to help those in real need, maybe even to make it easier on people to become legal, law-abiding citizens. 

But "nationalism" - standing up for America, upholding and protecting our way of life, our laws, our values - is not a bad thing, not when it's the most reasonable, effective, functional way to live.

Let's learn from the mistakes of other countries.  

Not seek to make those same mistakes ourselves.

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