Watch Out For This Heretical Teaching About Sin!

I have been seeing a certain heretical teaching a lot lately.  And it's always from left-leaning, progressive-type "churches" or "ministers" ... you know, the kind that have drifted away from solid biblical-teaching, who have created a version of it they like better so that they can keep doing whatever they want.

And this is the heretical teaching I hear a lot:  "Sin is not believing in Jesus, in God."

According to many of these "progressive" churches, sin is nothing more than not believing in Jesus.  So as long as you believe in Jesus, there are no other restrictions and everything is good between you and God, no matter how you are living.  The only requirement is "believe in Jesus."  That's all you have to worry about.


Sin is not "not believing in Jesus."  

"Not believing in Jesus" is called "unbelief."  And while unbelief will cause you to die in your sinful state, apart from God, landing you in hell ... sin is so much more than "unbelief."  And it carries with it very severe consequences that affect your life and faith and eternity.

You know what ... "You believe that there is one God.  Good!  Even the demons believe that - and shudder."  (James 2:19)

Believing that Jesus is real is not enough.  And how you live your life after choosing to believe in Jesus will prove whether or not you are truly saved.

Are demons saved simply because they "believe in God"?  Does "believing in God" automatically mean they're living the way He wants them to, that they're doing all He requires?  Does believing in God excuse their rebellion?  Is "believing in God" enough?

NO!  NO!  NO!  And NO!

Sin is doing anything differently than what God expects of us.  It includes breaking His biblical commands, putting anything else above Him, wrong heart attitudes, doing what we shouldn't do, not doing what we know we should do, etc.  

It is so much more complex than "not believing in Jesus." 

These "progressives churches" are trying to excuse sinful lifestyles by not calling sinful lifestyles "sin," by telling them that sin is only about our belief in Jesus.  

If someone is a genuine Christian, they will be constantly seeking righteousness, seeking to follow God's biblical commands, to get their lives in line with His Will.  They will acknowledge and admit the ways they sin, the ways they fall short of God's commands.  They will seek forgiveness of sin and turn from it.  They will submit their lives to God, acknowledging that He is on the throne.  They will seek to glorify God in their lives, being more concerned with His glory and with eternity than with selfish pursuits and temporary pleasures.  

But one thing a genuine Christian won't do ...

They won't twist God's Word or cut out the parts they don't like so that they can embrace their sin more!  They won't be looking for excuses for their sinful lifestyles!

If your church is telling you that sin is nothing more than not believing in Jesus, that you can live any way you want as long as you believe in Him ... GET OUT OF THERE FAST!  

Don't follow demons to hell!

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