So NOW They Allow Freedom of Religious Expression!?!

So the Satanic Temple is displaying their "holiday decoration" alongside religious holiday decorations in the Illinois Capitol building.  And it's allowed under the freedom of speech and freedom of religious expression.

So NOW the government allows freedom of religious expression on public grounds during the holidays!?!?


What about all the times the word Jesus is banned from schools?  When prayer is banned from graduation ceremonies and football games?  

When kids are told they can't bring their Bibles to school, that they can't meet together on their own to pray together, and that they can't dare say that God created two genders, male and female?  

What about when schools ban Christmas songs that are too religious in nature during their holiday programs?

What about when cities ban the nativity scene on public property?  And the "Merry Christmas" greeting?  And crosses?  And every other religious, Christian reference?  

But NOW!?!  NOW they stand up for the rights of people to display whatever they want on public ground because of "freedom of speech and religious expression"!?!   


But sing a Christmas song about Jesus in a school Christmas program ... and watch those rights disappear! 

And think for a moment about the message on that Satanic sculpture, about knowledge being the best gift we can get.

Think about it really!

Do you like having the knowledge of evil?  Do you like knowing about murder, about rape, about war, about disease, about wildfires and tornadoes destroying lives, about abuse, about death?

That was the "gift" that Satan gave Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden!  The gift of the knowledge of good and evil!

And it was something God was trying to protect us from, not keep from us!  Before Eve ate the forbidden fruit, they had no knowledge of evil things.  Destruction, illness, death ... none of that was allowed in their perfect garden.  

God had told them not to eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil because it would unleash these awful things into their world.  They would have knowledge of all the terrible things they never knew about before.  If they ate from that tree, they would now know disease and pain and tragedy and murder and death!

Yep ... that's the "greatest gift" ever, isn't it!?!  

At least, that's what Satan wanted Eve to believe.  He wanted her to believe God was holding out of her, that God was keeping something good from her, that she would be as wise as God if she ate the fruit.

Such a lie!  Such a terrible, deceptive message on that satanic sculpture!

Satan promised Eve knowledge - that her eyes would be opened to good and evil - if she ate the fruit.

And yeah, that part was true.  But it was only half the truth.

The other half:  She'd regret it forever!  She'd wish she never knew those things!

There are certain things we were better off not knowing.

But thank God, in His grace and mercy and love, He has provided a way for us to get back to that perfect world we were supposed to have.  He sent Jesus to pay the price for our sins. And if we accept His sacrifice on our behalf, we inherit eternal, perfect life in heaven.

That is the GREATEST gift!

[And it's total garbage that the Satanic Temple doesn't believe in Satan, that they are not trying to push Satan on the public.  

Of course they are going to say that!  Do you really think they are going to say, "Oh, hey, how about you all join us in worshipping Satan, the father of all lies and destruction and death!"?  

Of course not!  Satan works best in the shadows.  When we don't think he's real.  

You won't take an enemy seriously if you don't believe in him.  You won't see any need to resist him if you think he's just a myth.  You won't take heaven and God seriously if you don't take hell and Satan seriously.

So of course, the Satanic Temple will say they don't really believe in Satan, that they're goals are positive and uplifting and about helping us become better people.  

Fish don't bite onto deadly hooks unless they're covered in tasty, appealing things!]

Love this video: A Witch's Invitation by Carman

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