Calvinism: Heresy At Its Finest!

Okay, I won't say "Calvinism is hogwash" in this post.  So don't worry.  One thing you will definitely not hear me say in this post is that "Calvinism is hogwash."  I mean, I know I've said "Calvinism is hogwash" in many other posts, but I won't say it here.

Okay, so now that that's out of the way ...

Calvinism is heresy at its finest!

It's man telling God how God has to be in order to be God.  

It's "God has to control everything, or else He's not God."  

It's "Jesus didn't die for everyone because Jesus couldn't die for those who would reject Him, because that would be a disgrace to Him and a waste of His blood."  

It's "God has to be the cause of all evil and wickedness and murder and abuse, or else there's no purpose for it."  

It's "God predestined Jesus to die for sinners, and so He caused Adam and Eve to fall because He needed sinners for Jesus to die for."  

It's "If we had the ability to make choices and to have an effect on things, then that means God isn't all-powerful or fully in-control.  So He has to control our choices, or else He is not fully sovereign."

It's "God doesn't really mean that we can seek Him when He tells us to seek Him, because we can't seek Him unless He makes us do it.  God doesn't really mean that He loves all people when He says He loves all people, because He really just loves a few pre-chosen people enough to save them.  God doesn't really mean that Jesus died for everyone when He says Jesus died for everyone, because Jesus only died for "the elect."  God doesn't really mean that we can repent when He tells us to repent, because it's up to Him if and when we repent.  God doesn't really mean that we shouldn't sin when He tell us not to sin, because if we sin, it's because He caused us to sin for His glory.  God doesn't really mean what He says because we know that He really means what we think He means to say." 

(Any verses to support these claims?  NO!!!)

It's Calvi-God saying "Forcing people to love me and to worship me brings me glory!  Causing sin and evil and unbelief and disobedience brings me glory!  Sending babies and unelected people to hell through no fault of their own brings me glory!  And nothing else matters to me but me and my glory and my fame.  None of you insignificant humans matter to me other than for the glory and worship and love I can squeeze from you."

Calvinism uses the Bible to destroy Jesus's sacrifice, God's character, and the Gospel's message of hope, grace, forgiveness, love, and salvation!  One of Satan's best schemes!  Using God Word against God!  

Calvinism convinces good, well-meaning, naïve Christians that they are more intelligent, more humble, and more God-honoring if they simply accept Calvinism's God - an irrational, schizophrenic, contradictory Monster God - with no questions, no doubts, no digging deeper for logical answers and views, and no disagreement!  

Calvinism: Heresy at its finest!

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