Too Funny - Alyssa Milano's Sex-Strike

So there's an article out about Alyssa Milano calling for a sex-strike until anti-abortion laws get changed.  She is saying that women shouldn't have sex until they get more abortions rights.

Ha-ha-ha!  Yes, please do that!  Please!  

It's a win-win-win for everyone else but the women striking.  First off, it's exactly what we need to have lower abortion rates.  It will also help stop the spread of diseases.  It will prevent the rabid feminists from passing their views on to any children they might have decided to keep if they had gotten pregnant.  And the men these women are withholding sex from might just go out and find a decent, respectful woman who won't use sex to control and manipulate the men into giving them what they want.  

A win for the unborn, for the next generation, for the sexual health of our country, and for the men who the feminists are trying to control!

So ... yes, Alyssa ... please get as many feminists as you can to join this sex-strike with you!  That's awesome!  Threatening to live the way we should be living anyway!

(Ha-ha-ha, too funny!  I'm cracking up here at the ironic-ness of it all!) 

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