My Anti-Calvinism Blog

I can't remember if I already posted this or not, but I have decided to start a blog strictly for my Anti-Calvinism stuff.  

It's "The Anti-Calvinist Rant."  

Any posts that I write about Calvinism on this blog will get posted there also.  I just wanted to have one space for just the Calvinism posts so that they are all together and easy to find.  

(It's still my hope that people from my own church, which is being infiltrated with Calvinism, will find it someday, read it, and begin to seriously question what our pastor is teaching.  As of right now - a couple months after sending our letter to the elders - nothing has happened, other than the pastor has only gotten more vocal about it, they no longer allow comments on their blog because, I presume, of all the ruckus I caused with my comments against him, and I no longer attend the church.  But I still hope and pray that maybe someday someone will ask me about my side of it, and I can share the blog with them, and they can start to see some of the same problems I do.  I can dream, can't I?)

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