How Much Power Do Witches Have? (repost)

There have been articles coming out recently about a rise in witchcraft in America.  One article says that witchcraft is growing astronomically and that witches now outnumber Presbyterians in the United States.  And another article (along with this one) says that witches gathered the other day to hex Brett Kavanaugh, to take back the country, and to support abortion rights.  And they've been trying to hex President Trump, too, according to other articles.  And recently, Salem unveiled the largest Ouija Board ever, in the hopes of attracting the largest ghost ever.  (I wouldn't be surprised if they get the results they want.  Only it won't be "ghosts.")

This makes me wonder ... How much power do witches really have?

Answer:  I don't know.

I don't know, and I'm not about to google it because I can only imagine what kind of sites that would dredge up.

But I will say this:  Witchcraft is about trying to control the spirit world - demons.  And demons answer to the devil (and ultimately to God), not to people.  So I don't think witches have any real power over demons.  Not like they think they do.

But I do think demons are more than happy to let witches think that they are controlling them - while all along the demons are actually toying with the witches, making them feel like they have power over the supernatural, engaging them in the occult more and more, ensnaring them in evil, dragging their souls to hell.

Witches might think they have power, but ultimately they are being played, slowly becoming overpowered by evil.

However, I don't think this means that witches can't "cause" bad things to happen.  They are a "welcome mat" for demons and demonic activity.  And the more welcome demons are, the more power and opportunity they have to wreak havoc, destruction, death, illness, etc.  

Demons have real power.

But ... God has more!

And so I guess my question for this post is not so much "Do witches have power" ... but ... "Do we Christians take the power of the Holy Spirit, of God, of prayer, of righteous living, of the Word seriously?"

Witches are gathering to hex people, to destroy our country, to oppose God and godliness.  Witches are growing in number.  They are not simply apathetic towards God, but they are taking defiant, polar-opposite stands against Him.  They are engaging in the spirit world, actively opposing us.  (And not only that, but immorality, ungodliness, is on the rise in all forms.)

And we are sitting on our hands.  Living like the spirit world is a myth.  Compromising God's Truth to please society.  Dabbling in the dark or occultic activities of Halloween.  Watching the unglorifying horror movies.  Leaving our Bibles on the shelf.  Stopping to pray only at mealtimes or when we need something.  (Even engaging in yoga.)  

The spiritual world and the spiritual battles are real.  

Witches know this.

But do we Christians know this?

Are we engaged in the spiritual battle?  

Are we prepared to do battle in heavenly places - to use prayer and God's Word - to fight against the rise of evil and the occult and immorality and compromise?  

Are we setting ourselves apart from the worldly practices that everyone else thinks are ok?  

Are we praying for the leaders that the witches are trying to hex?  

Do we know God's Word thoroughly so that we can take strong, godly stands and so that we can use it as the sword of the Spirit?  

Are we teaching our kids to seek righteousness?  To stay away from the occult, to pray, to guard their hearts and minds, to live for eternity and not for this temporary life?

Or do we giggle at the idea of the supernatural, not taking it seriously, thinking it's foolish nonsense, believing that it's okay to watch the movies and TV shows about it because it's "harmless" and "not real"?

Are we fighting for our country and for our families, seeking God's protection over us, praying against the forces of evil?  Or are we apathetically letting our families and country drift farther from God and slide deeper into darkness?

The worst article I read so far about this is one that came out the other day talking about a "Christian witch" who says that Christians can practice witchcraft, that it doesn't conflict with the Bible.  And she defends herself by saying that no one can tell her how to worship God or connect with God.

Oh yeah ... well ... God can!  And God does!

He is so very clear in His Word that witchcraft is absolutely wrong and leads to hell.  He's so clear that I don't even feel the need to post the verses here.  There is absolutely no way to combine witchcraft and Christianity.  And there is no excuse for trying to.

Witchcraft is of the devil and leads to hell.  Christianity is of Christ and leads to heaven.  You cannot be a Christian witch because Christians and witches worship different beings and are headed to different places.  Completely incompatible!    

(This is the link to the article but I don't like that it provides a link to her "Christian witchcraft" website.  They shouldn't have made that available to anyone.  And here is another article about it.  Read what this witch is saying and see if you think there's anything Christian about it.  How Christian can you be when you encourage witchcraft and atheism?)

Witchcraft is on the rise.  Evil is on the rise.  Immorality is on the rise.

Are we Christians aware of it?  Are we fighting against it?  Or are we ignorant of it, being swept along with it?

(Here is one person's thoughts about witchcraft and how God is stronger than the devil so we don't have to fear evil.  The only thing I would add is that we need to make sure that we are living in harmony with the Holy Spirit, with God's Truth and Word, that we are seeking righteousness.  Because a Christian who compromises or dabbles in inappropriate things opens themselves up to evil, and they cannot assume that God will "protect" them from evil, from the consequences of their choices.  Oftentimes, God hands people over to their bad choices to discipline them.  And I think this needs to be taken seriously.)

And for fun, since it's Halloween time (I post this one a lot), my favorite "witch" song ... although unlike Carman in the song, I would never respond to A Witch's Invitation.  I would stay far away.  But I appreciate the message of the song.

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