Hypocritical Liberals! A Fundamental Problem in America

So ... when it comes to prayer in schools, we have to abide by the "separation of church and state" thing:  "Kentucky School Removes 'Prayer Locker' After Anti-Religion Group Complains"  (So it doesn't matter if the students wanted it or were helped by it, does it!?!  All that matters is that the anti-religion group gets their way!)  

When someone chooses, out of love and compassion, to give their Bible to a hurting person who's at the end of their rope, the liberals cry "Separation of church and state!":  "Left-Wing Group Files Complaint Against Christian Judge Who Hugged, Gave Bible To Remorseful Killer"  (So it's not enough that the Left-Wingers lack compassion and love and would rather see broken people stay broken, but now they have to force others to be just like them too!  To stop others from showing compassion and love and from helping hurting people!)

Christians want to help tutor struggling students?  "Unconstitutional," cry the liberals: "Anti-Religion Group Says Public School Mentoring By Christians Is Unconstitutional".  (They'd rather let kids struggle than have them helped by Christians!)

But ... when it comes to pushing your LGBTQ-agendas on others, well ... no "separation of church and state" now, huh!?!

So the "separation of church and state" only goes one way, I guess.  It only applies when the church is barely stepping on the state's toes, but when the state wants to fully force its views on the church ... well, then, that's totally acceptable, right!?!  

No "separation of church and state" now, not when the state wants to take over the church!  

Yet this is exactly why the "separation of church and state" originally came about, to keep the state from infringing on the church, not the other way around.  Boy, how backwards the liberals have it!

I believe this has become one of the biggest fundamental problems in our country today: Progressive liberals acting like only their beliefs should be allowed.  That the country should be run only according to their ideas.  For supposedly being so "tolerant and loving-to-all," they have absolutely no idea what "tolerance" or "love" is.  

(Another example of their "holier-than-thou" intolerance:  San Francisco puts 22 states on blacklist for restrictive abortion laws.  It used to be that people could have their own views on controversial issues.  But now if you don't support the liberal's extreme "lack of morality," you will be blacklisted.  So much for personal freedoms in our country!  You are only allowed to have the "morals" and "values" that the government tells you to have.  Orwell's 1984, here we come!)

[Is this because a whole generation of people were raised with the "It's all about you.  All that matters is that you're happy.  Don't let anyone stand in your way.  You can do anything you want.  Just listen to yourself and don't let anyone else stop you" mentality?  

It's a generation that can't tolerate the word "no," that can't tolerate other people having different values and beliefs, that insists everything has to go their way or else they're gonna throw a huge hissy-fit.  

It's insane!  

The biggest bunch of intolerant, self-centered cry-babies ever!  

One tiny example:  See this story about a woman who can't handle being told that "no, she can't pet the service dog."  Watch the clip here.  

What the heck!?!  What is wrong with people that they can't handle being told "no," that they can't handle not getting to do what they want to do!?!  

And this is the generation of people who are taking over our country!  God help us all!!!

And for the record, I place a lot of the blame on social media - everyone wants their 15-minutes of fame, competing against each other in a game of "Who can be the most offended?" - and on the media in general, on how they slant their stories and on how they constantly highlight the stories that rile people up and that show only one side of the story, leading to a very skewed view of what's really going on in our country.  I think the media, with their biased reporting, has created many of the stories that they then report on.]

Let me ask this, are the anti-religion groups offering to help tutor struggling kids after they get the Christians kicked out?  What kind of help, hope, and answers are they giving to the hurting, at-the-end-of-their-rope people, especially since they're trying to stop the Christians from helping those who are hurting?  

Or do they simply want to make a fuss, complain about those who are trying to help, get the Christians banned, and then go their merry way, leaving a mess behind them that they refuse to help clean up!?!  

Frickin' hypocrites!  

If all you're gonna do is complain about what other people are doing to help others and then try to stop them from helping, but you're not going to get in there yourself to help or to offer solutions ... then SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!!!

We don't need your negativity!  We don't need your holier-than-thou griping about the ways good people are trying to help the hurting people around them.  You're not making things better; you're making it worse.  You're denying hurting people the help they need and persecuting those who are willing to help the hurting people ... and then you go on your merry way, chalking it up as a "victory" because you got the Christians kicked out, while leaving a mess of still-hurting, still-struggling people behind you, who now have no one to help them.

Some victory!

And no, I'm not sorry!  More people need to be standing up against these people.  Judges need to be throwing these cases out and telling the frickin' crybabies to either step up themselves to help or to shut up!  If they're going to clog the judicial system with lawsuits to try to stop people from helping other people, then they should be responsible for fixing the situation they are trying to stop others from fixing!

Seriously, I am so sick of it!  And people had better start opposing them, resisting their steam-rolling, and shutting them up before they absolutely destroy every last bit of good and every last shred of personal, religious, moral freedoms left in our country!  

Why ... why ... WHY! ... do these people get to run the show!?!  Why do their twisted morals get to trump the good morals of everyone else around them!?!  Why do their "values" take precedence over anyone else's!?!

Dear God, I pray for a revival!  I pray that You would show Yourself strong in this country.  That You Yourself would fight against these godless, immoral cry-babies who insist on destroying our country, who insist on squashing our religious rights and our rights to be compassionate, loving citizens who help others.  Who call evil "good" and good "evil."  I pray that You would stand up for the Christians and the decent, good, moral people who are compassionate and loving towards others, who just want to help.  Stand up against those who oppose them, who are trying to drag our country down.  I pray that You would remove those judges who side with these anti-religion, left-ist groups.  That You would appoint judges who will take a stand against these groups, who will take a stand for commonsense and decency and religious freedom, judges who understand that the "separation of church and state" was meant to protect the church from the state, not the state from the church.  Lord, show Yourself strong in the country again.  Call a generation of people to rise up and proclaim Your name and Your glory!  And I pray this in Jesus's most holy name, Amen  

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