Would You Allow A Grown Man's Naked Crotch In Your Child's Face?

Photo shows Drag Queen Story Hour performer in miniskirt exposing crotch as children sit close by

If this doesn't wake people up to what's wrong in our society today, what's it gonna take!?!  An underwear-less Drag Queen grabbing a child's hand and running it up his skirt!?!  A half-naked Drag Queen "accidentally" touching children in inappropriate ways!?!  

But if we can't trust adults to realize that the stuff that's already going on is totally inappropriate, if we can't trust them to stand up against it for the sake of the children, then WHY would we expect them to protect children from "inappropriate" touches?  Especially when the government is supporting and protecting this inappropriate stuff!  

Apparently so-called "intelligent" adults have lost their brains and morals so badly that they can't even identify "inappropriate" anymore, even when its naked crotch stares them in the face during a children's Library Story Hour!

God help the children!  Because the adults apparently won't!

(Click here for more stories like this, to see just a little bit about how bad it's getting!)

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