Anyone Worn Out?

Can anyone relate to the idea of being exhausted from the energy it takes to just keep breathing (first song link below)?  I've been there, too.  It's probably why I long so much for eternity.  I long for the day when we can finally rest from our troubles.  But until then, I cling to the Lord and take each day as it comes, with His grace, help, strength, and wisdom to get me through. 

Worn by Tenth Avenue North

Healing Begins by Tenth Avenue North

By Your Side by Tenth Avenue North

Hold My Heart by Tenth Avenue North

Love, Heal Me by City Harmonic

Fell Apart by City Harmonic

Praise the Lord by City Harmonic

Honestly by City Harmonic

Oh, What Love by City Harmonic  

I AM by Crowder

Lord, for those struggling to hang in there, to keep their faith, to keep on living ... surround them with Your heavenly angels to protect them from evil.  Comfort them and guard them while they are weak and vulnerable.  Open their eyes to the depth of Your love for them and show them how much You care for them and are watching out for them.  

Help them realize that they don't always have to try so hard, that sometimes the best thing they can do is to just fall exhausted into Your arms and to let You hold them.  

Lord, help them to release their concerns into Your capable hands.  Help them to trust You to pick up the pieces they drop, to mend the broken things they can't fix, to forgive them for the things they can't forgive themselves for, to help them forgive others when they can't do it themselves, and to handle the things they can't handle, the things they shouldn't be worried about anyway.  Help them learn to trust You and to rest in Your arms.    

Help them understand which steps You want them to take and which ones You don't, which jobs are theirs and which are Yours, so that they don't waste energy focusing on things they shouldn't be concerned about.  

Give them the strength to hang in there, to wait on You, to be concerned only with what You are asking them to do, and to give You everything else.  Give them the peace that comes from trusting You and knowing that You will handle what we cannot.  Give them the joy that comes with knowing that You are for us and that You are always watching over us and that You will work all things together for good for those who love You.  

Thank You for Your goodness and faithfulness to us, Lord.  Please help those who are hurting to feel Your presence strongly.  Encourage them.  Guide them.  Cover them in Your grace and mercy and power while they rest in Your arms.  Hold them while they fall apart for a little while, until they have the strength to stand up again.  Thank You for hearing our prayers and for being a God who cares for us and who loves us immensely.  Thank You for promising to come back again and to make all things right in the end.  Amen

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