Evil IS Real!

This is such a sad, tragic story.  A young couple chose to see only the good in people, to believe that evil isn't real.  That it's just a made-up concept.  And then they are killed by terrorists.

Not believing in evil doesn't make it less real.  It only causes you to be taken by surprise when it shows up, unprepared to face it. 

And on the other side of the coin, not believing in Jesus, in God, doesn't make Him less real.  It only causes you to be taken by surprise when He shows up, unprepared to face Him.

Refusing to acknowledge evil is refusing to acknowledge the answer to evil.  The Lord.  The salvation He offers.  Your need for forgiveness, for a Savior.

What a tragic way to end the lives of two people who only wanted to believe in goodness!  But we must face and deal with the reality of evil if we are ever to admit our need for salvation from evil!

Evil is real!  

But there is an answer - One True Answer - to evil!

But will you accept Him?  Will you admit you need Him?

May the life and death of these two good-hearted people be a wake-up call for those who don't want to face the reality of evil and those who are currently unprepared to face the Lord!


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