Stupid Chipmunk!

If there's a chipmunk that sits five feet outside your dining room window every morning (where you like to sit in the quiet of the morning with your coffee and Bible, enjoying a few moments of peace before the day gets going) ... and this chipmunk chirps shrill-ly and loudly every 3 seconds for hours on end ... and you want to scare it off by throwing something at it ... let me tell you what NOT to do:

Don't choose to open the window and try to throw a cardboard box at it to scare it off when you could just walk thirty feet around to your outside deck where you could throw a bucket of water on it.

I opened the stupid window two weeks ago to throw a box at it because I was too lazy to walk around onto the deck ... and I swung as hard as I could (because cardboard doesn't fly very far) ... and instead of throwing the cardboard out the window towards the chipmunk, I smashed my hand full force into the wooden windowsill!  First thing in the morning.  Before I even had my coffee.

It's been aching for two weeks, and I have a hard time using/bending that finger now.  Even washing dishes is difficult because it hurts my knuckle as I try to twist a rag around inside of a cup to clean it, and it hurts to try to untwist the drain-plug at the bottom of the sink.

Stupid chipmunk!

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