When Will This Nonsense End!?!

I love this!  (Particularly the giggling Ryan Gosling picture!)  

Are the "snowflakes" so delicate that they can't even bear to hear the proper names of body parts?  And then what happens when "front hole" becomes too gender-specific?  I mean, wouldn't they eventually realize that "front hole" is still just referring to a woman-specific body part?  Maybe a man's part should be called a "pee stick"?  But then wouldn't that make women who want a "pee stick" feel bad that they don't have one?  We can't call one a "pee stick" without calling the other a "pee stick."  I mean, how fair would that be!?!  Why don't we just call them "pee-pee spot 1" and "pee-pee spot 2" so that they sound as similar as possible?  

But then ... who gets to be #1 and who gets to be #2?  Doesn't that sound like we are ranking them, as if one is "better" than the other?  Yeah, that would be too offensive and unfair, too!  We can't hurt anyone's feelings.  I tell ya, after 43 years of living, I never realized how controversial and offensive biological terms are!  But thankfully, we've got this new generation of easily-offended people to show us just how terribly offensive reality really is!  

So ... what are we going to do about this!?!          

I know, let's just call every body-part "Steve."  So when you go to the doctor, all you have to say, "My Steve hurts."  This might complicate the diagnosis and doctor's charts and treatment, but at least it won't offend anyone.  

Patient came in complaining of pain in its Steve.  After thoroughly examining its Steve, I found no problems.  But then, I also checked its Steve, Steve, and Steve.  I found a tumor in its Steve and so I am sending this individual for a second opinion.  Note to second-opinion doctor: Please examine patient's Steve to determine if tumor is cancerous.    

But then again, it might be offensive to all the people named "Steve" out there.  And to all the people who just feel like a "Steve" today.  So that's not good either.  

How about "gumball"?  

"My gumball hurts."       

That way, there is no discrimination between men and women, and no discrimination between any other body part, such as a foot and a hand ... because, you know, we wouldn't want to offend people who want their hands to be feet and their feet to be hands.  I mean, who are we to say that hands are hands and feet are feet!?!  

And even better, let's not even call it the "human body."  How dare we push the word "human" on people ... because someone might want to identify as a monkey or unicorn or alien or gumball.  

(So, wait, I guess that means calling body-parts "gumball" is out now because that might offend someone.  I know, I know, let's just leave it blank.  That way, you can't possible offend anyone.  We'll just say, "My ... hurts."  So much better and less offensive now!  "Note to second-opinion doctor:  Please examine patient's   - ask patient to point to where it hurts-   to determine if tumor is cancerous."

You know what?  "Snowflakes" need to grow up and learn that they can't always get their way, that not everything can change just for them and their feelings and their fragile self-esteems.  

And the rest of us need to get a back-bone and learn to say, "Suck it up and stop your whining!"  We need to stop bending over backwards to appease people who cry every time something happens that they don't like, who can't handle reality and try to change it, who get offended about every little thing!  

Pretty soon, nothing will be solid and secure.  Not laws.  Not your rights.  Not your job.  Not words.  Not schools.  Not reality.  Not anything!  

All it will take is for someone to say "I'm offended" or "That hurts my feelings" and then - whoosh! - some judge or boss or lawmaker or "expert" will step in to make any and every "necessary" change to please the offended person.

After all, what's the greatest commandment?

"Thou shalt never offend anyone or make anyone feel badly.  For no one should ever be expected to have to face anything they don't like, don't agree with, or anything that makes them uncomfortable in any way."  

Come on, people ... We can't keep endlessly altering every thing - every bathroom, every law, every public event, every public speech, every scientific fact, every technical term, every holiday celebration, every bit of common sense, etc. - to please all the easily-offended-and-can't-handle-reality people.  

Wouldn't it just be better to expect them to grow up and mature a little!?!

It's getting insane!  And now, you've got little kids getting punished for being wretched enough to politely say, "Yes, ma'am!"  While I'm not exactly sure why the teacher was bothered by "yes, ma'am," I'm pretty sure the child was simply trying to be polite and respectful, not to be rude or make some sort of defiant statement.  

When did politeness become taboo!  (I guess when vaginas and penises did!)  

Maybe the teacher would rather children say "Yes, person who teaches at my school and who is not my mom or dad but who is in authority over me from the hours between 8 a.m. to about 3 p.m."  But then again, that might offend the teacher if the teacher wants to identify as the child's mom or dad that day!  So of course, we couldn't have that!  

(Do you really want teachers like that teaching your child!?!  Do you want teachers who are more concerned with their own feelings than with educating the children in academic subjects?  Teachers who would punish a child who is trying to be polite?  Should children now be taught to be less polite and less respectful so that they don't offend anyone?  Can you imagine the messes that would create!  We have enough trouble with bullying and school shootings to be teaching kids to be less polite and less respectful!  What is that teacher thinking!?!) 

When will this nonsense end?  Who's going to get in trouble next?  

The neighbor who says, "What an adorable son you have!"  (How dare they push the word "son" on that child!  How dare they assume the parent wants an "adorable" child!)  

The doctor who dares to say "breast cancer"?  Maybe they should say "cancer of the two floppy bags of flesh hanging off the chest area"?  (Is "floppy" too offensive?)

What about military men being trained to say, "Yes, sir"?  Maybe they should be taught to say, "'Yes, sir' if you feel like a man today.  But 'yes, ma'am' if you feel like a woman today.  But 'yes, other' if you feel like a man who just wants to wear women's clothing or a woman who just wants to wear men's clothing today.  But, if 'other' is too offensive because it makes you feel 'different,' then just 'yes, you'!"  (Oh, yeah, that's so much better than just saying "yes, sir."  So much more inclusive and progressive and polite!)

All these changes are totally improving society, don't ya think!

You know when all this nonsense will end?  

When people put their foot down and stop giving in to the whiner-babies!  When they stop coddling the "snowflakes" and the hyper-feminists - those who haven't matured enough yet to deal with reality, who are too easily-offended, who look for things to be offended about and to make a fuss over and to demand changes in. 

About so many issues, we need to stop acting like "Oh, you're offended!  Here let me rush to make everything just the way you want so that you feel happier!"  

Instead, we need to be like "Oh, you're offended!  Well, that's your choice, I guess!  Be offended if you want to be offended!  Just don't push it on everyone else!"  

But until that happens ... the more we change everything to give them what they want, the more they get used to getting their way, the more powerful and entitled they'll feel, the less they'll be able to tolerate any else they don't like, the more they'll demand their way in other areas, and the more changes we'll have to make to please them again!  

[Anyone ever heard of the term "spoiled brat" before?  Is this the fallout of the super-permissive parenting style?  Of a generation of children being told over and over again that they can do and be anything they want, that they should let their feelings lead, that they need to follow their dreams, their heart, and not let anything or anyone get in their way?  I mean, why else would there be so many "singing competition" shows!  

But guess what?  Not everyone can be a singer, kids!  And not every one can get their way all the time!  And ... it's not always about you!  You know, most of us have had to learn at some point that we can't always get our way.  We've had to learn to tolerate being told "no."  We've had to learn to cooperate with other people, to compromise, to deal gracefully and maturely with things we don't like.  It's just that we learned those lessons when we were kids.]

And ... hey feminists ... don't you find it ironic that you've tried so hard to advance women's rights and to elevate women ... but now that you've decided that "gender isn't real" and let men identify as women, you're really just advancing men's rights and elevating men over women?  

You've just set women back decades and stripped away any protections/rights that women have fought for over the decades! 

If there are no "women" then there are no "women's rights"!  

When there are no differences between men and women, then there are no men to take a stand against and no women to protect and to fight for!  I honestly don't think you can be a feminist and a supporter of gender-neutrality at the same time.  

However, I wouldn't mind if feminists self-destructed in their self-sabotaging views and efforts.  I don't think they've helped society at all!  Today's feminists are nothing like the early ones who fought for real rights and respect!  (Click here for another "feminism nonsense" post.)

(So, do you think I feel strongly about this issue!?!  Do you think I'm just a little bit sick and tired of what's happening to society and common sense and decency!?!  Ugh ... don't get me started!  "Just come back, Jesus!  Come back now!  It's the only thing that will stop this nonsense in its tracks!")

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