Ironic, Isn't it? The Hypocrisy of the #MeToo Culture!

Recently in the news, there's this judge who ruled that high school students have to share the showers with transgender students who identify as their sex, even if they are biologically the opposite sex (i.e. girls have to shower with people who have penises if the people who have penises call themselves "girls" and vice versa.)

Isn't it ironic that a #metoo culture - where women are demanding that men who assaulted them or harassed them are punished for their lewd/offensive behavior against women - would allow a judge to force young girls to shower alongside naked penises?

This judge then had the gall to tell families that if they don't like it then they can remove their children from the public school!

So the parents - who pay for the schools with their taxes - have no say in protecting their naked girls from naked boys, from the emotional trauma or discomfort or potential physical trauma that comes with being forced to shower in extremely uncomfortable and potentially dangerous situations.  

Where is the concern for the safety of girls now!?!

The same society that's rushing to protect harassed women is throwing their girls into incredibly risky and emotionally distressing situations!

How ironic!  

Society is not "pro-women" if it puts girls in danger all for the sake of a few boys who feel like girls.  

And what a terrible standard to set - telling girls that their feelings and safety come second to the feelings of a few boys who want to shower with them as "girls," that we can't offend the "she-males" so the girls have to shower with them no matter how uncomfortable it makes them.  

Way to set these girls up to feel unable to stand up for their own safety!  Way to make them feel like they are being irrational/unreasonable for wanting to protect themselves, as if their concern about their own naked bodies don't matter!  

Way to train them to believe that they should have to expose themselves to anyone that others tell them they have to!

Way to go!  You've just set women back many, many years!   

Regardless of if these boys "feel like girls," they are still biologically boys.  

If a man wants to identify as a women, he should be forced to give up his man-parts.  Then I would be more likely to trust him around biological women.  But a man with man-parts should not be allowed to mix-in with women just because he feels like a girl inside.  

We all know how that will turn out, don't we!  


Yet no one seems to have the guts to say the truth.  We all seem to have gotten hit in the head with the Stupid Stick, repeating the nonsense that gender isn't real and that boys are girls and girls are boys.  

All so we can ... what? ... seem hip and progressive and open-minded?


Or empty-headed!

I said a prayer that the judge would lose his position.  And I ask other Christians to do the same.  A judge who would promote scientific nonsense and put many girls at risk for a teeny tiny minority and tell parents (who pay for the schools) that they don't get a say in protecting their daughters doesn't deserve the judge's seat!  

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