Songs About The Rapture and Heaven

I'll be doing a short series on the "End Times" during the rest of August.  
But how about we start with some music!

First things first ...

I assure you, He's not.  

And Jesus is coming back again soon

I know that my family and I are ready.  
Are you?

My prayer: Lord, please, break open the sky!
(If you really knew Jesus, 
you'd be praying for it too!)

I Can Only Imagine what it will be like 
on the day that we rise.

How I long for that day ...
when we finally make it Home!

Take us Home, Lord.  

We can't wait for the day 

that we'll be singing

And to all the scoffers: 
Enough to bet your soul on it?

People get ready!

Grab onto God's Amazing Grace
while there's still time.

Because if you think this is bad 
(warning: disturbing images of death and destruction), 
just wait till God removes His spirit and His people ... 
and unleashes His wrath.
You ain't seen nothing yet!
At that time, you'll finally get to experience 
the life you always wanted:
a life without God's "interference."
And you'll wish you never did!

But it doesn't have to be that way.
You can have the hope that I have.

Oh, What Love! 

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