A Biblically-Based Commentary on LGBTQ Issues

Our country and churches have completely skewed what the Bible says about issues relating to the LGBTQ-lifestyle.  They have done this to appease society, to make people feel good about their choices, to excuse sin, and for fear of offending people (the greatest crime in our country).  

But for an accurate look at what the Bible really says, click here.  This is Part 1 of a new series on this topic.  [Update:  Here is Part 2.  And Part 3.  And finally, Part 4.]  

You might not like it and you might not agree with it, but it's true to the Bible. You can ignore the Bible and you can hate the Bible, but you can't alter the Bible to please man.  (Actually, you can if you want to - many do, in fact.  But there will be a very heavy, eternal price to pay for it!)  

[And since I do not have a Facebook account and therefore can't respond to the comments at the end of the article, I want to respond here.  

My response to the first comment by Jodena:  This sounds like she is saying that we should not preach the Truth of the Bible because it hurts families with gay family members.  I'm sorry, Jodena, but regardless of how it makes us feel, God's Word still stands and we will all be judged by it in the end.  And the author of the article is not focusing on the speck in someone else's eye while ignoring the plank in his.  It has nothing to do with "plank and speck."  He is simply declaring God's Truth to a society that has twisted it to make people feel good about their sin.  We can't change or hide God's Word just because it makes people uncomfortable.  If Truth is what leads to redemption and salvation, then sharing the Truth faithfully is the best, most loving thing we can do ... even though there will be many who will still reject it.  We cannot deny the Truth to appease those who are resistant to it.

And my response to Rick's comment:  Umm, what?  I am not sure what point he's trying to make here.  Is he trying to say that sexual attraction determines if we are sinning or not?  That as long as you have sex only with people you are naturally attracted to (such as if men are attracted to men) then you are not sinning?  Or is he saying that it's not a sin to be attracted to someone of the same gender but it is a sin to engage in homosexual behavior?  

I believe that people who are attracted to those of the same gender can be Christians, as long as they seek to live the way God intended.  We Christians are to be constantly working towards getting our lives in line with God's ways.  And it is a life-long process, full of ups and downs, full of times we fall and times we seek forgiveness and then pick ourselves back up again.  So struggling with sin - whatever the sin is - doesn't necessarily make us unchristian.  Struggling with homosexual feelings does not disqualify someone from being a Christian.  

But unrepentantly breaking God's laws and rejecting His Truth does!  The issue is not attraction but behavior.  The Bible is clear that those who engage in homosexual acts are engaging in sin and going against God's laws for mankind.  

The Bible doesn't condemn the person; it condemns the behavior and the choice to live contrary to God.  

Jesus loves the person and came to save the person, and He offers the person a way out of sin and hell.  But a person condemns themselves when they choose to embrace their sinful behavior over God, when they choose to reject Jesus and to go their own way.  In the end, the resistant, rebellious person will get what they wanted - an life apart from God.  For eternity!  

Whatever our natural attraction might be, Christians are to choose to live according to God's Truth.  That's what makes us Christian!

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