The Trans-Gender Revolution Is Beyond Insane!

I totally agree with this article about the dangers and insanity of the trans-gender revolution.  I would write more about it, but this says it so well that there's not much more to add.

I can only hope and pray that this revolution will fail, like the title proclaims.

Please note that I am not speaking against individual people who are dealing with deeply-held, trans-feelings (that's a whole other issue).  I am talking about the trans-frenzy that's going on nowadays - the push to expose children to it at younger and younger ages, to punish anyone who doesn't support them, to change our textbooks and laws to further encourage and celebrate them, to commandeer women's sports and competitions, to demote scientific fact to mere fantasy and utter nonsense, and to silence any opposition.  

Having the right to live the way you want doesn't mean you get to force everyone else to celebrate your lifestyle or to deny their views in favor of yours!

This "revolution" is not about encouraging tolerance at all!

It's about steamrolling everyone else - about limiting their options, controlling their actions, controlling their minds, and forcing everyone else to agree with you!

It's a huge attack on personal freedom, decency, scientific realities, and common sense.  And if we don't push back, we'll all be silenced into submission to this insane movement (and to whatever comes after it).  

Our country - our world - ought to be ashamed of itself for letting this movement get this far!

(Christians, we need to fight this with prayer!  Don't forget prayer!  God is far bigger and stronger than the enemy.)

Disturbing links to check out about the repercussions of the trans-gender-frenzy (and this is just the tip of the iceberg):  (Because if you can change your gender anytime you want, why not your age?)  (Because trans-human-this-and-that relationships are not enough!)

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